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Graphic design has always been something that I loved. When I was a child, I loved to watch cartoons and read comics.

As I grew older, this love never really disappeared, but it did change a little bit.

Now, instead of reading graphic novels and comics, I love to create my own.


It is rewarding to see my finished products, and it is nice to see the next generation enjoying them too.

At the same time, I do need the right tools if I want my creations to come to life as intended.

This is where the graphic design tablet comes into play.

XP PEN Star03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet Review

Today I want to review the XP PEN Star03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet and tell you how it has helped me create some awesome designs.


The XP PEN Star 03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet is a reasonably advanced graphics drawing tablet, one that I have grown to like using quite a bit.

So, let me tell you about all of the best features which this particular tablet brings to the table.

  • Large 10 x 6-inch working surface
  • Totally battery free stylus – no charging required
  • An ergonomically designed electrical pen for comfort
  • The pen has 20148 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Can be used by both left handed and right handed people
  • One-click toggle between the pen and eraser
  • Comes with eight separate customizable shortcut keys
  • Works with most computer operating systems – Mac and Windows
  • Easy to install software and works with most design software
  • Resolution of 5080 LPI
  • The accuracy of ± 0.01 inch
  • Very lightweight and easy to transport


  • Feels like working on real paper
  • Large working surface for larger projects
  • The stylus is very pressure sensitive
  • The pen does not require battery changes
  • The electronic pen is very comfortable to use for an extended period
  • Nice resolution
  • Shortcut keys are handy
  • Works with both Mac and Windows OS
  • Very accurate and easy to draw smooth lines
  • Relatively easy to transport – fits in an average sized backpack


  • The pen is made of cheap plastic – not the best quality
  • Drivers can be a little challenging to install and find
  • A little cumbersome to get up and to run


Ok, so the XP PEN Star03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet does have a couple of minor problems, but they are nothing that I couldn’t get over.

The most significant problem I have had with this particular graphic design tablet is the installation of the software.

It does take a bit of finessing to get the software installed on the computer.

However, other than that, I don't have any problems with this graphics tablet.

Yes, as we mentioned above, the pen is kind of cheaply made, which means that it cannot take much punishment.

I have been pretty careful with it, and it has managed to last me quite a long time now.

Speaking of the pen, I do like how the pen, or stylus if you will, has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The stylus also has an accuracy rate of ± 0.01 inches, which makes it very easy to draw exact, precise, and beautiful lines.

Bulky but Comfortable


Whether thin or thick, I have found that making lines and outlines with the XP PEN Star 03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet to be quite comfortable.

The pen itself is also ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold for hours on end, something which comes in handy for hardcore designers like myself. While the pen might not be the most durable, it works well.

I like the fact that it has a quick toggle function that lets me switch from the drawing pen to the eraser a quick second.

No longer do I have to fiddle with buttons to get the eraser working, just hit a switch and there it is.

I do of course love the fact that this stylus does not require batteries of any kind.

Always having to make sure that I have batteries on hand is a pain in the butt, a problem which this particular graphic design tablet solves without question.

A Paper-like Tablet Surface

Now, some people have complained about the fact that the XP PEN Star03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet is a little bigger and heavier than some of the other models out there.


However, this is something that does not affect me all that much.

Yes, it might not be the number one choice regarding spatial requirements and ease of storage and transportation.

However, I think that having a bit of heft and weight is not a bad thing.

At least it shows that it's made out of reasonably stable materials.

Speaking of the tablet itself, many people, including myself, really like the drawing surface.

It feels like paper, and it feels natural to draw on it. It's not all hard, and still like some other graphic design tablets are.

Easy to Use Customizable Keys

With the exception of the stylus itself, the XP PEN Star 03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet has proven itself to be one of the more durable tablets out there.

There is also the fact that the XP PEN Star03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet has a line resolution of 5080 LPI, which is quite good for such an inexpensive graphics tablet as this one.

Something else about the tablet that I like is that it comes with six quick, customizable shortcut keys for things like zoon, erase, undo, hand tool, brush, and quite a few other things too.

The bottom line is that creating shortcuts makes my work more comfortable.

I think the XP PEN Star03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet and its series of tablets are some very best tablets for graphic design out there today.

If you have a bigger budget, I would recommend reading about The XP Pen Star05 Tablet: Expand Your Artistic Skills.

The XP Pen Star05 is the newer model in the XP Pen Star series.

While these are all only my personal opinions, I have been doing this for quite a while now, so my ideas are not entirely useless.

If you need an excellent graphic design tablet, I would recommend inspecting this one.

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