What is the Krita Painting Program? Let's Review

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The Krita Painting Program is an incredible painting software developed by artists.

Its primary aim is to ensure that anyone with an interest in art has access to excellent drawing tools.

The open source program, created by professional developers, shows a great passion for the digital artistry.

Krita Painting Program Review

It's a free cross-application program that provides an exceptional back-to-back solution for developing digital art files from absolutely nothing.

The software optimizes for regular, specific and prolonged use.

It can support illustrations, animations, concept art, comics, matte painting and textures.

The software, created by users, can support a variety of digital art requirements.

It's compatible with most programs.



Digital painting with Krita boasts a wide range of incredible features.

They include; an intuitive user interface, color palette, brush stabilizers, training resources, pop up the palette, transform tools, brush engines, wrap around mode and HDR support.

Other features are; resource manager, PSD support, drawing assistants, open GL enhanced, mirroring tools, full-color management, layer management, layer masks and multiple selections.

Let’s have a closer look at them.

  • User interface

The program boasts of a user interface that never gets into your way. Panels and dockers are movable. They are also customized to suit your workflow.

User interface gives you the ability to save the set up that you have created as your workspace.

  • Color palette

The color palette allows natural selection and management of colors. You can use the Digital Colors Mixer to mix preferred colors.

  • Brush stabilizers

If your hand shakes whenever you need to do draw, then Krita is the right program for you. There are brush stabilizers that allow you to make things smooth.

Smoothen and stabilize brush strokes in three different ways. Besides that, there is a dedicated brush that allows adding, massing and dragging.

  • Training resources

You can find enough information concerning the use of this program on the internet.

Krita painting directly provides training materials on its website to help users familiarize themselves with the program within the shortest time.

  • Pop-up palette

This feature allows you to select your preferred color and start brushing quickly.

To do this, you only need to right-click on the canvas.

You can swap out the displayed brushes by making use of the incredible tagging system.

  • Transform tools

These tools give you the ability to bend, liquefying, distorting and moving your selections.

Transformation masks enable the execution of the tasks mentioned above non-destructively and directly.

  • Brush engines

There are more than nine unique brush engines that you can capitalize on to customize the brushes.

Each of the drivers satisfies specific needs like color smudge engine, a filter engine, shape engine and particle engine.

  • HDR support

No other painting program allows opening, saving, editing, and creation of scene-deferred or high-quality HDR images apart from Krita digital painting software.

Additionally, OpenEXR and OCIO features enable manipulation of views for examining HDR images.

  • Wrap around mode

Creating flawless patterns and textures can be very easy, thanks to the wrap around mode.

While painting, you can press W to activate this mode. References to the image will appear along the y-axis and x-axis.

  • PSD support

The painting software can open all PSD files, including those that can't be opened using Photoshop.

Whenever there is need to transfer your work of art to another program, just load and save the job on PSD.

  • Resource manager

Resource manager allows the importation of texture and brush tools from secondary sources to add to your set of tools.

  • OpenGL enhanced

The Krita painting program runs some of its operations using OpenGL.

If you enable this feature, you'll get to see the enhanced zooming speed and improved canvas rotation as well.

  • Drawing assistant

Make use of the drawing aid to help with straight lines and disappearing points. The tool comprises nine unique assistants that can aid you in creating perfect shapes such as curvilinear perspective and ellipses.

  • Full-color management

It gives users absolute control over colors through OpenColor IO and LCMS through EXR and ICC, respectively.

Therefore, you can integrate this program into your already existing color management plan.

  • Mirroring tools

These tools enable both horizontal and vertical mirroring using tools available on the toolbar.

In case you need something more advanced, consider using the multi-brush tool.

  • Layer Masks

Use masks to work on layers without interfering with or destroying anything.

Besides that, you can add filters, transform, or make things more transparent.

  • Layer management

The layer management feature comprises a vector file, filter and group layers that facilitate combination, flattening and ordering of sheets to help with proper organization of your artwork.

  • Selections

With the selections tool, you can highlight parts of the drawing that require work.

There are extra features that allow the addition and removal of components from your work of art.

A Free Digital Painting Program Worth Trying

The Krita digital painting program, used by many people, can create beautiful art.

If you are an expert artist, a budding artist who is just starting out or someone who draws as a hobby, this is the right program for you.

We use commercially the Krita painting program.

Whatever you create using the software only belongs to you.

Therefore, third parties cannot use your creation without express authority from you.

GPL license only applies to the program's source code.

As an artist, you have the liberty of commercially exploiting the program for any purpose.

Students, scientists, and research institutions have the freedom of using it for educational and research purposes.

Krita can create concept art, effects, and textures.


1. Krita is specially developed to meet the needs of artists and all those with interest in drawing.

2. Krita digital painting software can be obtained free of charge.

3. You can use it only to accomplish tasks. You don’t have to make use of any other software.

4. Used in devices of various types and brands.

5.The program is compatible with most of the world's leading Operating Systems.


1. The program is incompatible with some software.

2. It may not work efficiently on specific devices.

3. Krita digital program is not immune to infection by malicious programs such as viruses.

4. It is not updated as regularly as it should because of the financial implications by developers.


As an artist, I recommend experimenting with the Krita painting program to learn its features.

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Every art software is different and may contain a unique feature that's helpful.

Krita supports popular brand name tablets like Wacom and Huion. Download Krita digital painting here.

Finding a shortcut that enables you to design your artwork faster is essential.

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