What Is Inkscape Software? Review

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The Inkscape software is compatible with Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X devices. The primary purpose of this software is to create high-quality graphics.

It's popular for creating and editing vector graphics and it is useful for both professionals and people who design graphics as a hobby.

Some of Inkscape's graphics include icons, diagrams, logos, maps, web graphics, and illustrations. A majority of companies in the industry use this software for its image editing capabilities.

The Inkscape Landscape

design_penInkscape is a software that is used by graphics designers or artists when creating vector designs. There is other software like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw used for the same purposes.

All three have different features and abilities that make them useful in different areas. Inkscape is however not as popular as the other two.

This software is mainly used by designers who design for leisure and not for professional purposes. The software is also used by beginners in the design industry because it is free and easy to use.

Here are some of the features that have continued to make Inkscape better than all other competition:

  1. The use of the scalable vector graphics frequently abbreviated as SVG. The SVG element is the native format of the software, and it is considered to be the best for graphics work.
  2. The SVG format makes good-looking logos, banners, and even cartoons. The reason images look great with SVG is mainly because the arrangement enables people drawing these graphics to scale or expand pictures accurately.
  3. Drawing or creating pictures and other graphic designs to enlarge and still maintain their original quality is difficult. The SVG format feature is why many graphics designers have adopted the use of the Inkscape for their projects.
  4. Several software tools make the creation of objects more accessible. Some of these features include the pencil and calligraphy tools for drawing.
  5. While the pencil tool is for creating freehand sketches, the pen tool is for making straight lines. Also, the calligraphy tools are for filling in different designs. Rectangles, polygons, stars, ellipses, and spirals are used for creating shapes.
  6. The tools made for the manipulation of objects are also among the key features of Inkscape. There are features of the software that are involved in rotating, skewing and movement of graphics in any desired direction. These tools are also responsible for grouping graphic designs.
  7. There are software features with the purpose of selecting and picking colors to fill in designs, gradients of colors and even path markers. The copy and paste feature are also in this category. This element allows for direct unaltered copying specific features onto the designs made.

Inkscape software can make graphics designs easily. The main advantage of using this software is that you can use it in Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux devices. This compatibility ensurescomputer_network that almost anyone can use it for graphics designing.

Another reason why Inkscape is a handy tool is that it contains some of the best graphic design features used in graphics design. The software is also free to install and use on multiple devices.


• The nodes

These are frameworks used in determination and relationship with the vector graphics and mathematical operations. Nodes are responsible for the ability to manipulate designs and other objects.

• The scalable vector graphics format

In addition to making designs, this format is also beneficial in editing other files. This style commands the editing of different formats like sk1, DXF, and EPS among others.

• It is free

The fact that it's free is one of the significant advantages of using the Inkscape software. It enables people to use it because it does not require any investment. The software also comes with a bulk of tools, all for free.


• Inkscape is quite slow on PCs. The software delay is due to the software updates. Updating the software may be tedious because you have to find the correct update for your version.

It will take several attempts before correctly updating the software. It is preferable to use old updates to save some time. The new updates may not be the best option for your current PC configurations.

• Using Inkscape may appear unprofessional in a portfolio. This software is not as popular as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Professional designers prefer using Corel or Adobe products to build their image collections.

The low popularity of Inkscape limits its use to learning, hobbies and fun, but not for professional work.


Graphic design is a growing area in the art industry. It involves creating logos, maps, cartoons, and even banners. There is software that has been created to ensure that graphic designers can make better designs with ease.

The three most popular software used for vector graphics design include Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Inkscape.

While Corel and Adobe are the most popular, Inkscape is mainly used by beginners and people who create graphic designs for leisure and fun.

The main advantage of Inkscape is that it is free and there is no investment required to start. Another significant advantage is that the software is compatible with most devices and the software has many features. Get your free Inkscape software here.

Many of the features are used in making designs smoother and more appealing. However, the Inscape software also has several disadvantages including slowing down your computer.

Artists and designers also use the Inkscape software as an experiment. Since the software is not famous, many artists and designers don't add it to their portfolios.

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