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GIMP is a free program that can be used to retouch photos, author images and compose images as well.

The GNU Image Manipulation program is compatible with GNU/Linux OS, Windows OS, and Mac X OS. Users have the liberty of changing its source code and distributing the changes too.

Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis are the original writers of GIMP. Many other people have made contributions to its development, but all their names cannot be listed here.

Gimp Drawing Software for Artists


Graphic designers, scientists, photographers, illustrators and many other professionals in different fields prefer to use GIMP software because it offers advanced tools to achieve their objectives.

The wide range of third-party plugins and options for customization allow you to enhance productivity even further.

Some websites make use of the program as the foundation for creating exceptional graphics. Perfect examples are Cooltext Logo Generator and Flaming Text-Logo Generator.

In the entertainment industry, GIMP uses alongside FilmGIMP in the production of favorite movies such as Linux & Scooby-Doo.

The program is used in medicine to analyze sizes of particles. In commercial art, it’s commonly applied in the creation of attractive book covers.

GIMP Transcends Bias is the perfect application of the software in the world of computers.

The Free Gimp Software Phenomenon

It is free software. Ideally, it should be obtained free-of-charge. However, parties have the freedom of redistributing the software for profit if they include the license and make the source code available as well.

Terms and conditions regarding the program's reproduction, modification and distribution are evident in the GNU License for the General Public.


Developers of GIMP have no association with companies that sell copies of the software.

If you have purchased the software while unaware that it's free, don't be upset. Some companies sell it without pointing out that GIMP is freely available on other platforms.

In some cases, the software comprises of additional artwork that enhances its value. In case you feel that you got little or entirely no value for money, file the complaint directly to the seller.

Nonetheless, if the seller failed to make available the corresponding source code as directed by the GPL, you can sue them for copyright infringement in a court of law.

There are platform-specific pages that contain links to irresistible packages offered by various companies and individuals. Some of them sell GIMP software. You can get a copy from these pages.


This software has several exceptional features. They include; customizable interface, compatibility with various Operating Systems, photo enhancement, multiple file formats, digital retouching and hardware support, among other elements.

Customizable Interface


Developers of the program took cognizance of the fact that each task needs its unique environment. GIMP gives you the ability to customize views to suit your tastes and preference.

Use the widget theme to change colors and adjust the sizes of icons and widget spacing as well.

The interface has modified docks. Docks allow you to arrange them in tabs and ensure they remain open while in use. If you press the tab keep, they automatically become hidden.

The program boasts of an excellent full-screen mode that allows you to preview artwork as well as edit the work using the maximum amount of screen estate.

Supported Platforms

GIMP is compatible with the following Operating Systems: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, Sun OpenSolaris, and Mac X.

Photo Enhancement

The program can be used to make up for a wide range of digital photo imperfections. You can get rid of perspective distortion usually caused by tilted lens by selecting the right mode contained in transform tools.

Use the powerful filter to get rid of vignetting and barrel deformation. GIMP software also boasts of an integrated channel mixer that enables you to make your photography look better than all the others.

File Formats

It can support standard file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG, as well as unique use formats like multi color depth and multiresolution files.

GIMP's advanced architecture allows for the extension of the program's format capacity using plug-ins.

GIMP plug-in registry contains format support that is non-existent in many other programs.

You can load and also save files remotely using protocols like FTP, SFTP, HTTP and SMB, courtesy of the robust virtual file system.

Additionally, you can save any file format using ZIP, BZ2, and GZ to ensure optimum use of disk space without going through many steps.

Digital Retouching


GIMP is the best software for digital retouching because it boasts of advanced photograph retouching capabilities. Make use of the clone tool to eliminate unnecessary details.

Alternatively, you can use the healing tool to add minor details. The perspective clone-tool makes it very easy to clone objects with a clear image in mind.

Hardware Support

The program comprises of inimitable support for a wide range of input devices such as pressure-sensitive tablets, tilt-sensitive tablets, MIDI controllers and USB devices.

It gives you the freedom of binding actions to events, like moving the slider in a MIDI controller or rotating a USB-wheel.

Adjust the size, opacity of the brush or its angle while painting. Additionally, you can bind your preferred scripts to buttons.

Are there similar GIMP Software out There?

Yes. Many other programs are similar to GIMP software. They include; Adobe Photography Plan, DxO Optics Pro- 10, Phase-One Capture-One Pro 10, Corel PaintShop Pro and Serif Affinity Photo.

Others are; Adobe Photoshop Elements 15, ONI Photo 10, Cyberlink Photodirector Eight Ultra, MacPhun Creative-Kit 2016 and MacPhun Luminar One.

Benefits of using the GIMP Photo Software

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1. High-quality manipulation of photos- the program offers you the tools required for exceptional image manipulation. Ranging from retouching to creative composition and restoration, the only thing that can limit you is imagination.

2. Flexibility and extension- the software offers extensibility via integration with Scheme, Perl and other programming languages. The result is an unmatched level of customization.

3. Original artwork creation- as an artist, GIMP offers you the flexibility and capacity of transforming ordinary-looking images into unique creations.

4. Essential components in the desktop-publishing workflow- GIMP program offers excellent color management features that ensure high-quality reproduction of colors in both digital media and printed media.

The software has workflows that involve Scribus, Swatch-Booker, and Inkscape, among other free software.

5. Graphic design elements- the software is commonly used to create icons, artwork and a wide range of visual design elements for mockups as well as user interface components.

6. Programming algorithms- you can make use of it to manipulate scripted images, given that it supports nearly all the programming languages. The languages include; C, Scheme, C++, Python, and Perl.


Overall, the GIMP software program is perfect for anyone that wants to start using image editing software. Many of GIMP's features are very similar to top brand editing software.

I personally use GIMP on some occasions to edit and compress images for my website. It's very easy to use and some artists have created exceptional art with GIMP.

But the best part of this software is that it's totally free, anyone can download GIMP and start using it right away. If you're a beginner and want to experiment with a good image editor, I recommend trying out GIMP.

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