What Is Corel Painter 2018? Review

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Corel Painter 2018 is a multifunctional program for digital painting. In Painter 2018, both a seasoned digital artist and a newbie just starting to learn new ways to draw will find a complete set of professional tools.

These tools will help turn your art into masterpieces incredibly fast. Innovative features like "Texture Synthesis" as well as "Texture Brushes 2.5D" and "Thick Paint" provide realism and once again prove that the new Painter is the benchmark for other digital painting programs.

New Possibilities

blue_cameraThe new features of Corel Painter 2018 provide the artists with incredible opportunities for creativity. These areas include painting, comics, manga, games, movies, photography, illustrations and many others.

Texture brushes 2.5D - When you paint with dazzling "Texture brushes 2.5D" the paint lifts off the canvas. Import the 2D image of the 3D model and, using mixing with the source, apply the color on a thick scales, modular structure or pores. Alternatively, paint directly on the canvas to add glamour to your work. And in the end, adjust the surrounding lighting pattern so that your portrait starts shining.

Random Grain Rotation - You can choose your favorite grainy brush, and then turn on the new mode, and Painter will smoothly rotate the grain with each brushstroke. The brush stroke will give a more natural and organic look to your piece of art and will help it to look realistic. Apply new features to both new and old brushes with grain settings.

Texture Fill - With this new function, you can instantly fill the canvas with compelling texture. Whichever you use, the original "Fill Effect" menu or the "Paint Bank," all the compositions from your library are ready to be immediately transferred to the canvas. The transparency of the texture fill can be adjusted. You need to choose the selection brush, create a selection of your image and then select a texture from the palette.

Selection Brush - The new "Selection Brush" tool allows you to create unique shapes of brushes to quickly and accurately select elements or remove them from the selection rather than use traditional lasso or marquee tools. This feature is useful when cutting an object out of a background. After you select and customize your ideal brush shape, save it for use in later work. The tool can be used to prevent paint spreading. It is especially useful for watercolor brushes.

Cloning Capabilities - With this new tool, you can quickly create collages and edit photos. Create cloning sources or import and adjust their sizes and shape on the go. Experiment with transparent cloning sources that blend harmoniously into your composition. To save your sources with transparency, you need to choose the PNG format and enable "Save Alpha." You can also use textures from Texture Library, which is incredibly helpful. After modifying the surface, they can easily be saved to the Texture Library again.rose_flowers

Included Content - In the new Natural-Media brushes library you can easily find brushes that mimic traditional materials. These brushes are very helpful for those who are new to digital painting. Look in the texture library and experiment with its updated content to make your drawings more realistic. The library categories have familiar names, such as Photo art, Ink, Refining, Hard media, etc. They are also subcategorized. Can't wait to explore new Corel Painter 2018 possibilities? Just enter "2018" in the Brush library search box, and you will find all the new brushes there.

Texture Synthesis - With this new feature, forget about the time-consuming work with textures - instantly create bright and unique elements from small samples. Select the texture area and reproduce it on a larger scale keeping all the visual aspects of the source. During the synthesis, the properties of the selected area are determined randomly to create a new template or composition using the selected parameters. The properties can be either saved as a reusable tool or sent to a new layer. With the Texture Synthesis tool, a single source image can become many different images that all share similarities.

Thick Paint - Multiple tools for applying, mixing and scraping paints, blurring, relief painting and palette knitting are at your disposal. By using them, you will create realistic paintings. Apply rotation, tilt, and pressure working with Bristle Brushes, and achieve incredibly organic smears with the help of Palette Knives. Using thick paint, you can scrape off the paint to reveal the canvas texture or apply more color to build up the grain. A visual cursor shows how much paint loads on the brush. With a loading shortcut, you can set brush features.

Powerful and Dynamic

New Corel Painter 2018 can be used both by seasonal digital artists who are fans of previous Corel versions and by those who are new to the world of Corel.

With the help of some tutorials, you can learn to use the new functions to enhance your art and develop new painting techniques. Painter 2018 will bring your art to the next level.

It will improve the work of concept artists with the variety of functions for each stage of the creative process. Illustrators and comics' artists will love Painter 2018 for the array of tools that help you work quickly, precisely and confidently.

Photo artists will find cloning and auto-painting tools very helpful for turning their photos into real works of art. Finally, Corel Painter 2018 is essential for art teachers and students and can be an integral component of art courses.


  • Bridges a gap between digital and traditional media
  • Improves workflow
  • Allows to combine classical art techniques with advanced technology
  • Provides excellent improvement of thick paint brushes
  • A vast palette of bright colors
  • 30 days free trial version


  • Expensive Software
  • Not a very user-friendly menu
  • The tedious process of configuring each stroke
  • Requires a PC with intense memory (RAM)

Final Thoughts

Corel Painter 2018 introduces features that are worth trying such as Thick Paint, Texture Fill, Random Grain Rotation, and others. You can use the newest drawing tablet The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 with this software.

It also provides improvements for existing Enhanced Liquid/Drip that gives an opportunity to provide an organic touch to digital art. You can download Corel Painter 2018 for free as a trial before you buy.

The new features improve workflow by making it easier for new and professional artists to complete the job.

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