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Clip Studio Paint (previously known as Manga-studio) is a family of applications for Microsoft, MacOS, and IOS.It is the world leading manga and comic creation software.

Clip Studio Paint is famous for delivering powerful tools for both manga and comic artists.

For artists wishing to improve and enhance their pen & paper illustrations, and those willing to complete the process of creating comics and manga digitally, Clip Studio Paint has all the features.

From sketching to inking and coloring, your Manga and comic can never be the same again.

Harness the Power of Clip Studio Paint

manga girl heroClip Studio Paint is for building digital comics. It has numerous versions that include Clip Studio Paint-Pro and Clip Studio Paint-EX.

Many professional artists use these versions of Clip Studio Paint to develop their drawing skills.

The good thing about this software is that it has numerous features that help artists to be creative and boost their skills.

Where to install Clip Studio Paint?

Install Clip Studio Paint on Window systems and Mac OS X systems. You can also upgrade from one version to another.

For example, if you are suing Clip Studio-Debut, you can upgrade to Clip Studio-Pro, or upgrade from Pro to EX.

It is also essential to use a right OS (operation system) as improper one may not function well with the Clip Studio Paint.

Always use the appropriate OS and the equipment configurations explained in the installation instructions.

Which are the Tablets Compatible with Clip Studio Paint?

The Wacom Intuos drawing tablets like the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0.

For Windows – computer with windows, tablets with integrated LCD screen, and those compatible with Wintab. For Mac - tablets with the integrated LCD screen.

A One of a Kind Comic Software

Even though its features are widespread with other software like Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint has tools that are optimized and focused on creating manga and comics.

The software has tools for perspective rulers, inking, sketching, panel layouts, coloring, creating captions and word balloons, and applying tones and textures.

Clip Studio Paint also supports the creation of frame-by-frame animation, importing 3D models among other techniques.It also approves the input by graphics tablet or a mouse.manga_boy


  • Animation timeline – the timeline offers granular control and shows adjustments to build a fluid movement to your animations.
  • Light table function – another notable feature is the light table function. It lightens the pages, making them semi-transparent. The light makes it easier to use many layers for reference.
  •  Onionskin display – for people who want to edit movies and create animated cartoons, onion skinning technique is the best.
  • Multiple export options – Animations and drawings can be exported as GIFs, images or movie formats.
  • Clip Studio Paint is the top comic software all over the world. It is an all-in-one answer for ready to publish comics and manga.
  • It is mostly used by professional artists to create professional manga, comics or illustrations from the beginning to the end.

What are the Different types of Clip Studio Paint Versions?

Clip Studio Paint has several versions namely Clip Studio Paint-Pro, Clip Studio-EX, and Clip Studio Paint-Debut.

Clip Studio Paint-Pro – it is a professional Clip studio paint version equipped with necessary features for illustrations and manga.

You can also create moving illustrations with Clip Studio Paint-Pro.






Clip Studio Paint-EX – this is the most famous version of Clip Studio Paint. It has fantastic features for manga such as page-management tools.

It is also well-equipped with unique features for serious manga, comic and graphic artists.

Other Features for Clip Studio Paint-EX include:

  • Coloring – there is a compelling coloring tool that makes Clip Studio Paint the best creative solution for comic & manga.
  •  Bushes, pens, pencils, and others media – you can create original drawings using the mouse or just draw with a pen tablet. Draw using a set of favorite tools such as brushes, pencils, pen and other selection tools.
  • Panels – save time by customizing and creating panels for your pages or adding some of your all sizes and shapes.
  •  Advanced brush effects – with a newly dedicated air-brush, you create and share several visual effects.
  • Vector tools – for flexibility and faster production, vector tools ensures you can view the centerline of vectors. It also provides artists achieve the lines they need.
  • Importing and exporting – with Clip Studio Paint-EX, exports and imports to standard file formats are possible. You can also resize without losing quality.
  • 3D-options – another feature offered by Clip Studio Pain-EX is the support of 3D objects. You can change 3D objects on the screen or set poses.
  • Clip Studio Paint-debut – it is a version equipped with required essential features for creating the illustration, moving illustrations and manga.

Benefits of using Clip Studio Paint over Similar Software

  • Clip Studio Paint tools are designed to resemble real-world events.
  • Illustration and comic tools such as rulers and ink pens are some of the best tools in Clip Studio Paint that you might not get in other software.
  • Supports vector and raster layers, and also include specific tools providing remarkable control.
  • You can import several 3D formats, and also add 3D characters that change pose and angles.
  • You do not need to draw perspective lines like when using Photoshop.
  • Availability of premade word-balloons in many styles and are fully customized.
  • Supports pen tablets that mimic sketching on papers.
  • There is a panel tool planned for comic creation.
  • Massive variety of screen tone patterns for fancy backgrounds and first dot tones.
  • Reset pen-sizes behave such as Japanese Manga Pens. In other software applications such as Photoshop, you have to set those sizes.
  • Other drawing software is not designed for coloring and inking.

Final Thoughts

Today, a good number of artists are using Clip Studio Paint to create comics and manga. Personally I purchased Clip Studio Paint because I like drawing Manga characters.

Unless you are a professional Manga or comic artist, I recommend getting the Pro version. The Pro version has all the basic tools you need to create 3D characters and other helpful tools.

Happily, Clip Studio Paint is compatible with numerous devices such as Wacom’s tablets (Bamboo, Intuos, Cintiq, and FAVO) and Window’s Surface Pro and many other tablets.

So, for your Manga and Comic creations, go for Clip Studio Paint.

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