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ArtRage is a handy and accessible lightweight painting app which comes with an entirely huge set of useful tools.

ArtRage is brought to you by Ambient Design which has an excellent reputation for introducing the most inexpensive alternative to Painter.

Versions of ArtRage:

  • ArtRage 5
  • ArtRage Lite
  • ArtRage for Android
  • ArtRage for iOS

ArtRage undoubtedly has a very loyal following of painters who are using this tool to create some of their best work.

Many artists are reviewing ArtRage to be a better painting tool than Painter.

In this review, we intend to highlight the pros and cons of what is ArtRage Studio Pro and also compare them with other similar and popular applications.

ArtRage Studio or ArtRage Studio Pro Comparison

number_two2ArtRage Studio does have two distinct editions- The first is the ArtRage Studio which costs $40, and the other one is ArtRage Studio Pro which costs $80.

Both versions of this app are available both in Windows as well as Mac platforms.

Most of the tools which are available in the cheaper version are also available in the Pro version, but the primary USP of the Pro version is that it has the formatting option of per character and the choice of the most evolved color blending.

The pro version also contains the support for Photoshop filter and several more layer and color options.

The Pro version also boasts a top-rated 3D channel which is capable of exporting the painted image as a 3D-renderer.

The Interface
ArtRage has the capacity of rolling on that outer end of the interfaces. This feature is an advantage to use in the drawing tablet.

There are some green highlights which come as default, but these can be changed. You can opt to change this, but you may not get the desired sleek look.

The interface has the capability of working equally well in both the screens 1920X1200 Mac Pro screen as well as on the 1400X900 MacBook Pro screen.

There are options for dragging palettes to separate filters that are out of their workspace. Keep in mind that the bigger palettes are collapsible.

Tools & Brushes available in ArtRage

The palette of brushes holds several standard digital pens, brushes and pencils. Additionally, there are some frill effects that you can try out.

Also, note that there are no options of pastel, charcoalpalette_and_brush or Conte brushes. The graphite has a larger diameter and can be customized.

This option would undoubtedly fulfill several requirements for artists. There are also the graphite pencils, airbrush, crayons, pens, and erasers which behave well.

There is a significant cross-section amongst the presets already installed.

ArtRage does not possess tons of the options as compared to Painter, but even the lesser number of options is beneficial and practical. Also, note that ArtRage is not well-supported in a tablet.

Some of the ArtRage tools do not work correctly in a tablet. For example, there is no control over the options of minimum pressure, tilt, and several other crucial brush modifiers.

Loss of tool control can happen when using ArtRage on a tablet.

Versions of ArtRage

There are four major versions of ArtRage which are as follows:

  • ArtRage 5
  • ArtRage Lite
  • ArtRage for Android
  • ArtRage for iOS

The most popular and in-demand used versions are ArtRage 5 and ArtRage Lite.

There are several features which are common in all the versions, but there are some unique features in ArtRage 5 and ArtRage Lite.

Let us discuss these two popular versions in detail.

ArtRage 5

paint_bucketArtRage 5 is the most evolved version of ArtRage 5 offered by Ambient Design.

This version which has several features for digital painting purposes is used on both macOS and Windows.

ArtRage 5 brings in the desired convenience for the purposes digital painting in various digital devices and platforms.

Compatibility- ArtRage 5 is well adopted by many artists as this works perfectly well with macOS 10.8 and also works equally well with Windows Vista 10, 8 & 7. The license of ArtRage 5 also covers all the downloads for macOS and Windows.

Also, you have the liberty of installing ArtRage 5 on any of the laptop, desktop or any Smart touch screen device that works on any of the supported operating systems.

It is wise to try out a demo at the time of purchase, and you should ideally sort out all the concerns regarding the compatibility and performance before purchasing it.

Languages- ArtRage 5 is available in several languages considering its popularity and global demand.

The styles in which this tool is available are English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.

Updates and installation- ArtRage 5 can be purchased in the form of a digital download. A download link is sent after the payment is complete at the time of purchase.

The best part is that ArtRage 5 does not need an internet connection or subscription to be installed or used.

Also, there is the availability of unlimited downloads of this version, and this is readily available all the time in the Member's area.

ArtRage Lite

ArtRage Lite version majorly focuses on the purpose of mimicking the traditional painting & also painting in the most intuitive manner possible.

Painting is straightforward to learn and can also be light_bulbquickly used even by people who have never used an art software program.

ArtRage Lite is bundled with the Wacom Intuos CTL490DB graphics tablet and Intuos drawing tablets.

If you would like to purchase this software separately, visit the ArtRage Lite website.

The best part of this software is that it offers beautiful color mixing options, textures and above all creative freedom which every artist wants.

The significant features of this version are as follows:

Compatibility - It is entirely compatible with macOS 10.6 and also with Windows Vista 10, 8 and 7. Compatibility allows users to install it on a laptop, desktop as well as other smart devices with touchscreen.

Languages - It is available in various styles namely English, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Italian, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

Overall, ArtRage is a handy digital art tool and is being happily adopted by millions of artists from across various countries. Before buying ArtRage, download the free version.

Test out the free version on your graphics tablet and see how it performs. Every tablet or electronic device is different, and the results may vary.

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