What is a Graphics Tablet? The Basics

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Possibilities are high that you have already used one. While checking out at your local department or grocery store, have you ever been asked to swipe a credit or debit card through a little reader mounted on the counter, then have to use a plastic wand to sign your name on one of those small screens?

That is a type of graphics pad technology. You just may have a graphics pad in your purse or pocket right now. Ever take a stylus (or the "pointy thing" as it is sometimes called) and mark a date on a calendar or write out a grocery list on your PDA? If so, that is a type of graphics tablet.

So what is a graphics tablet exactly? Also referred to as digitizers, graphics tablets are pressure touchy tablets that react to the utilization of a wand, or pen. By moving the pen on the graphics tablet, you can influence lines on the graphics tablet screen; control information, or even use as a mouse.

The tablet connects to the computer through an ordinary USB port, and some of the pens are connected by a cord, and some are cordless. These tablets are most familiar to artists who use them to create drawings on computers. Imagine trying to draw with a mouse.

You must hold the mouse button down with one finger, while moving the mouse around, carefully trying to move the on-screen cursor to produce a drawing. Now think how the picture would look having it drawn with a freely moving digitizer pen. The graphics tablet and pen allow for exceptional ease of use.

What are Some Benefits of a Graphics Tablet?


A significant benefit of the computer graphics tablet is that it can prevent users from developing the stressful condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome affects a person's hands and wrists and can expand while typing too long on the computer.

A drawing tablet does not have to be used solely by graphic designers or other types of artists. Instead, this kind of tablet can be used by almost anyone who wishes to purchase the item today because they do not like the feel of the mouse or the keyboard for their computer.

Artists start creating with pencil and paper. But it turns out that this is not all you need when it comes to your design profession, especially in this ever-evolving digital world. The computer graphic tablet is just what you need.

What can a computer graphic tablet do for you as an artist? Professional graphic designers use these tablets because they can do things the trusty little computer mouse can't. Manipulating designs with a mouse for images doesn't always work for the model you're designing.

Using the pen, or the stylus, makes painting and drawing feel natural; unlike the sharp, sudden movements of a mouse. The bottom line is that the mouse is not going to give you the exact line or curvature that you may want.

Out with the Mouse in with the Stylus


There is only so much you can accomplish with the design when it comes to the point-and-click mechanism of a mouse. Pressure sensitivity is the most important benefit of the computer graphics tablet. This pressure sensitivity allows you many more variations in the lines of your artwork.

For instance, manipulating pressure sensitivity can make for a more realistic appearance. The tablet picks up on the pressure sensitivity of the pen while pressed against the tablet. The pressure applied determines how thin or thick, dark or light, and how smooth or edgy your lines will be.

Painting with the stylus can be much more realistic and flow more naturally. The more pressure sensitive levels a tablet has, the more kinds of brushes and drawing styles you will be able to use. That's a lot of different line styles. You apply the pressure you need, and you get the results you want.

With a graphics tablet, you have more and better control over the designing process. Drawing, coloring, painting, shading, and many other techniques can be much faster and much more precise this way, rather than using the mouse.

Selections of your image are made more accessible. Corrections to your artwork can be made instantly and more efficiently with the pen. If you'd like to draw your design on paper first, you can scan it in and still manipulate it with the pen in an art program.

With this said, you know exactly how you want your piece to look, so having every bit of control is necessary.

What is the Cost of a Graphics Tablet?


The price range for a computer graphics tablet can be anywhere from $100-$500 with the low-end tablets costing $100 and the high-end tablets costing $500. Sizes of computer graphics tablets have a broad range and the size needed depends on the person purchasing the tablet.

The smallest of sizes are three inches by four inches while the largest of sizes is fourteen inches by fourteen inches. The more massive tablets are used commonly in the architecture and professional designer industries.

These more extensive tablets will also be the most expensive to purchase on the market because it takes more material to manufacture them and they will have more features than the smaller tablets. Those that are new to utilizing graphics tablets might need to put resources into a brand that offers a lot of help.

A few producers give their clients access to training once they have made their buy. There, they can get a great deal of moment help with their new purchase. There are master clients on these websites that are prepared to answer any inquiries you have.

These clients additionally furnish you with the vital drivers and different things you require. There is a wide range of components to consider when acquiring a graphics tablet. Since there are such huge numbers that are available, you need to make sure you pick one that will most adequately address your issues.

In your considerations incorporate the power source, value, similarity, and support.

Existing models might be more moderate and simpler for you to utilize.

Make sure that you examine the best graphics tablets that you will need before making your buy.

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