What are Good Art Supplies for Drawing?

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From a young age, many of us have been exposed to the creation of art.

As children, we color or finger paint, as a great way to keep us entertained while expanding the creative side of our brain.

Art is important; it is a great way to build focus, and in this technology driven world it is a nice break from all of the “noise.”

A Peaceful Hobby

If you want a way to unwind after a long day, or you feel like you aren’t being as creative as you’d like to be in your day-to-day life, it may be time to start drawing again.

It may sound childish, but it is completely creative, and you will find how relaxing it can be.

If you are just starting out to draw, the first thing you need to do is purchase supplies.

So what are good art supplies for drawing, and which ones should you buy?

What are Good Art Supplies for Drawing - Beginning with the Basics

The first thing that we always recommend starting with are the basics: simply buying a pencil and an eraser.

You may be surprised at that: “Really, that’s all I need?”

But this is just the best starting point and it is also the cheapest.

A pencil set and erasers can go a long way and you can get a complete set for under $20.

Erase your Mistakes

Something we love about the idea of using a pencil is that it is built for failure.

Using pencil is something that you keep trying and trying again, reshaping ideas, until you form a piece of art.

With a pencil, you can learn shadowing, the difference in lines, and how to successfully make a complicated piece of artwork with just one supply.

These days, there are also plenty of online tutorials aimed specifically towards pencil-based drawings and these supplies can go a long way.

Choose the Right Pencil Set

When purchasing a pencil set, make sure it comes with as many shades of pencils as possible.

You want them ranging from 8B, 6B, all way to 5H.

There should be more than 12 pencils in the set, and through each of these, you will be able to learn what to use for what, and that will help you grow into a sketch artist.

This is the basis of drawing and is something we feel strongly about: start out using affordable products that go a long way.

Adding Color

As an artist, obviously you are going to get tired of drawing strictly in black and white.

Art needs color and color brings art to life.

The next supply for drawing should be colorful, and you can start with colored pencils, markers of some kind, or pastels.

Coloring with Colored Pencils

You will be surprised how much color can go a long way, and how you can combine the pencil supplies we laid out before with color.

With colored pencils, it will be the easiest to use as you will be familiar with pencils from before.

However, many of these will not be erasable, so whatever you put on the page will have to stay.

Get Quality Art Supplies

Once you veer into markers and pastels, it gets more complicated, but this is where your art can really take forward strides.

When searching for these art supplies, make sure you find ones of high quality that are non-toxic and do not bleed through.

Bleeding can definitely ruin your art, and this can be avoidable by simply buying quality products.


Of course none of these supplies can be used without paper.

I find that paper often goes overlooked by the first time artist and they aim for the cheapest they can go.

While this may be great to start out with, we do believe that high quality paper can go a long way.

My favorite type of paper to draw on is sketch paper, in sketching/drawing books, because they are thick in size and also organized all of your artwork in one place.

When you buy your first set, do not cheap out on the paper, and get a good sketchbook to go with it; you will thank me for this down the road.

Affordable Sets

You may be looking at all these art supplies for drawing and think they are going to be so expensive.

Happily this is not the case, and you can buy everything I mentioned for under $50 if you know where to look.

The main thing to look for is high-quality brands that have good reputations, and great reviews on the net.

If you are just starting out, do not spend that much money so you can get your feet wet to see if drawing is something that is right for you.

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