10 Ways to Draw Cartoon Snowmen (Classic Edition)

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Learning how to draw cartoon snowmen of all shapes and sizes improves your drawing skills.

At the very beginning of your drawing career, you will need to be comfortable drawing basic shapes.

Drawing cartoon snowmen allows artists to sharpen skills at drawing circles, squares and rectangles.

These shapes are easy to draw but hard to master.

The best part is that you can learn them having fun drawing snowmen.

10 Ways to Draw Cartoon Snowmen

How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman with Circles_feature_image-min

Sketch a Snowman Cartoon with Lots of Circles

You can draw cartoon snowmen with one, two or three circles.

This snowman uses three circles to make it look tall.

Sketching this cartoon snowman will give you practice on drawing circles.

If you look closer, the snowman has six smaller circles inside the body and head.

Four belly buttons and the snowman's eyes all have circle shapes.

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Green Cartoon Snowman_feature_image-min

Sketch a Snowman Cartoon with Green Clothing

This cartoon snowman uses two circles for the entire body.

However, there are two items that have complex shapes in them.

The snowman's hat has a ziggy shape where it bends to both sides.

The snowman's scarf has twisted shapes that makes it look more real.

I idea of learning different shapes is to become flexible when you draw.

When you draw different cartoon snowmen, your skills improve.

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Yellow Cartoon Snowman in the woods_feature_image-min

Sketch a Snowman Cartoon using Yellow Clothing

With this tutorial you will learn how to draw a simple snowman with a beanie cap.

The snowman's arms are droopy but they align properly.

Don't worry about drawing a perfect star, it's there for decoration.

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Classic Snowman Cartoon with Reindeer_feature_image-min

Sketch a Classic Snowman Cartoon with Reindeer

We consider this snowman a classic because of the pipe and arms.

The traditional snowman has a wooden pipe near its mouth.

Each snowman pipe is different and can be of any color.

This snowman's arms look like basic tree branches which are easy to draw.

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Pink Cartoon Snowwoman Guide

Sketch a Pink Snowwoman Cartoon with Hollies

Now all cartoon snowmen are men, some of the most popular are snowwomen.

This snowwoman does not use circle shapes for the body.

She has only two circles for her belly button.

They designed her body using a rectangle with rounded corners.

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Yeti Cartoon Snowman with Winter Trees

Sketch a Yeti Snowman Cartoon

Who says all cartoon snowmen have to be a human.

This snowman is a friendly monster with a big heart.

It loves to play in the snow and hide behind tall trees.

To draw this Yeti snowman, create a tooth-looking shape.

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Cartoon Snowman with Earmuffs and Penguins_feature_image-min

Sketch a Snowman Cartoon with Earmuffs

Sketching this snowman is simple; It mainly uses circle shapes.

They build some cartoon snowmen with winter earmuffs to protect against cold weather.

The earmuffs and the gloves use a cup shape as the template.

The rest of the snowman shapes are easy circles.

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Frog Cartoon Snowman_feature_image-min

Sketch a Frog Snowman Cartoon

This frog snowman uses two unique shapes, a rounded rectangle and an oval.

If we flip the head upside down, we could probably use the letter "M" as a template.

While it looks simple, drawing the eyes can get tricky.

Let's draw by reading How to Draw a Cartoon Frog Snowman.

Cartoon Bunny Snowman with snow birds_feature_image-min

Sketch a Rabbit Snowman Cartoon

You will find a good deal of snow rabbits playing around during winter seasons.

Therefore, people enjoy building rabbit snowmen.

To draw this snowman, we will use a circle for the head and a rounded rectangle for the body.

The hardest part is drawing the rabbit's ears because they are long and have a unique shape.

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Cartoon Snowman with Gifts_feature_image-min

Sketch a Snowman Cartoon with Gifts

This is another classic snowman wearing a long black hat with a holly.

We know the popular Frosty the Snowman for wearing the same black hat with a holly.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a long black hat and a regular scarf.

The snowman's arms are made of tree branches.

Sharpen your skills by reading How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman with Gifts.

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