10 Best Ways to Draw Cartoon Sharks (Bronze Edition)

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10 Best Ways to Draw Cartoon Sharks_image-min

Shark Attack! Hurry, swim, or draw faster to learn how to draw cartoon sharks.

We need to get familiar with a variety of shark shapes before going out for a swim. 

As an artist, being familiar with most shapes helps us design different sharks.

Most cartoon sharks are long and curvy, but if you want to be unique, you can use circles and squares.

Focus on the shark's body first, take a hard long look at the big shapes.

Also, when drawing animated sharks, pay close attention to its fins.

The shark's dorsal fin has a special curve that makes it different from other fish.

Practice drawing the following cartoon sharks to become a true shark master.

10 Best Ways to Draw Cartoon Sharks

Baby Blue Shark

Sketch a Blue Shark in the Ocean

On some occasions, they will require artists to draw sharks with odd shapes.

Here you will learn how to draw a cartoon shark using an oval shape.

The oval shape is mostly used to draw human eyes but has many uses.

However, if you are having trouble drawing an oval shape, draw a circle instead.

When drawing, reduce the top and bottom parts of the circle to make it look oval.

Practice drawing cartoon sharks by reading How to Draw a Blue Cartoon Shark in the Sea.

Green Hammerhead Cartoon Shark swimming feature_image

Sketch a Cartoon Hammerhead Shark Underwater

Some sharks are harder to draw than others, but this Hammerhead is simple.

The shark's body is like others, but we shape the head like the letter "T".

If you look closely, I purposely shaped the shark's head like a real hammer head tool.

The hammerhead's eye is big, and it has a cartoon design.

When drawing animated sharks, give them personality and humor.

Let's draw this hammerhead shark by reading How to Draw a Green Hammerhead Cartoon Shark.

Purple shark celebrating_feature_image-min

Sketch a Cartoon Shark Holding Stars

Remember when I said, draw with humor, well this purple cartoon shark is fun to draw.

Learn how to draw a cartoon shark with star balloons.

Also, the shark is holding stars like if they were balloons.

Have you ever seen a purple shark before? No, but that's what makes it look unique.

The humor you put into your cartoon drawings, the more people will love it.

Start drawing this purple shark by reading How to Draw a Purple Cartoon Shark.

Gray Cartoon Shark_feature_image-min

Sketch a Circular Shark Swimming

Round sharks are the easiest to draw because their bodies are one big circle.

Once the body is complete, all you need to do is add the eyes, fins, and mouth.

If you plan on designing a cartoon shark with a sphere shape, measure each angle.

For example, drawing a shark's profile in the 3/4 view, artists must measure each body part.

Luckily, this shark drawing is a very easy sketch.

Go to your next lesson and learn How to Draw a Gray Cartoon Shark with Fish.

Red Shark in the ocean_feature_image-min

Sketch a Animated Shark with Big Teeth

The best part about drawing sharks is that the artist can exaggerate their looks.

For this drawing, I made the shark's teeth look huge and goofy.

I also colored the shark red to give it a fantasy look.

The rest of the shark's body is like other fish.

Drawing the seahorses in the background makes the shark look more real.

Learn to sketch this shark by reading How to Draw a Red Cartoon Shark with Seahorses.

Cartoon Tiger Shark_feature_image-min

Sketch a Tiger Shark with Stipes

If you want to get creative, learn how to draw a cartoon shark in orange and with black stripes.

Tiger sharks in real life have stripe patterns all over their backs.

On the shark's tail, they have round spots instead of stripes.

These sharks are usually long in real life and are gray.

Remember, drawing cartoons are fun and artists need not make them look real.

Try drawing a tiger shark by reading How to Draw a Cartoon Tiger Shark.

Baby Shark Underwater_feature_image-min

Sketch a Purple Baby Shark

We can draw baby sharks differently each time. 

The main thing to know is that baby sharks are rounder than adult sharks.

I also enjoy drawing baby cartoons with large eyes because it makes them look cuter.

This baby shark has a big snout that points up into the sky.

Start drawing a baby shark by reading How to Draw a Baby Cartoon Shark.

Squared Cartoon Shark_feature_image-min

Sketch a Two Dimensional Cartoon Shark

In this guide, we show you how to draw a squared shark.

Similar to a cube, this shark has two dimensions; One on top and one on the left.

This exercise is great because it makes you measure each part of the shark.

The shark's teeth look similar to a Halloween pumpkin.

Begin drawing a 2D cartoon shark by reading How to Draw a Square Cartoon Shark.

Orange Shark_feature_image-min

Sketch a heart-shaped Animated Shark

Who says you can't draw a cartoon with a heart shape?

In fact, we can use heart shapes for drawing cartoon faces and other objects.

This orange cartoon shark is happy and loves swimming with local squid.

Go to your next assignment and read How to Draw an Orange Cartoon Shark.

How to Draw a Round Cartoon Shark_feature_image-min

Sketch a Round and Gray Animated Shark

Round sharks are easy to draw because their bodies are circular.

For example, once you draw the shark's body, everything else goes inside the circle.

All the fins are inside the body but they extend beyond.

Drawing round sharks is a great exercise for beginners to get familiar with shapes.

Sharpen your skills by reading How to Draw a Round Cartoon Shark with Mermaids.

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