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[Edited to add: There is a newer version for this tablet, it's called the Wacom Intuos Pro digital graphic drawing tablet for Mac or PC, Large, (PTH860).

There are three sizes to choose from, small, medium and large.]

Wacom Intuos5 Touch Tablet PTH850 Review

The Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet PTH850 (old model) combines Wacom’s most advanced pen technology with intelligent multi-touch functionality to give creative professionals - from designers to photographers – extremely professional results.

With the Wacom Intuos5 Pen Tablet, creatives can easily switch between multi-touch gestures to the pressure sensitive pen to sketch, paint, retouch and edit their artwork.

A Large Surface to Design


The large working area makes the Intuos5 Touch very compatible for working on large format or dual screen displays.

The Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet pen has been designed to simulate traditional pens, markers, and brushes - featuring 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity as well as pen tilt recognition.

The stylish tablet features a soft-touch matte-black finish and comfortable hand-support for all-day drawing, as well as an ergonomic design that allows it to be flipped for either right or left-handed use.

This Wacom pen tablet also comes with a free software bundle to download, which allows artists and designers to begin creating digital artwork straight away, without the need to purchase expensive software.


  • 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity
  • Multi-touch functionality for pan, rotate, and navigation
  • Eight ExpressKeys for personalized, time-saving shortcuts
  • ExpressView display for on-screen view of ExpressKey settings
  • Reversible ergonomic design for left- or right-handed use
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Free Bundled Software Download key to download programs including Adobe Photoshop Elements and Anime Studio Debut


  • Large working area, perfect for large-scale artwork
  • Highly sensitive pen that feels like a traditional tool and creates extremely accurate brushstrokes/lines with 2048 levels of pressure
  • Quickly zoom, rotate, and navigate through your artwork using the multi-touch functionality
  • Save time by customizing the ExpressKeys to your favorite features

Things to be Aware Of

  • Does not have wireless capability (although a Wireless Kit is available to buy separately from Wacom)

Bottom Line


The Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet PTH850 is one of the best large-scale graphic pen tablets available on the market, and comes with many of the professional features.

There are some functions that have made Wacom arguably the most popular go-to-brand for creating serious digital artwork.

The Wacom Intuos5 has a huge working area and allows artists the space to create extremely detailed works.

The highly pressure-sensitive pen is perfect for mimicking brush-strokes and sketching affects, while the ExpressKeys easily allow designers to customize the tablet to work most effectively for their needs.

There are certainly cheaper brands and models than the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet, but you are paying for quality and a highly-trusted and reliable name.

The Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet also comes with a digital eraser, a USB cable for connecting to a PC or a Mac, ten replacement pen nibs - including five standard nibs, one flex nib, one stroke nib, and three hard felt nibs – and a pen stand.

This tablet also includes a downloadable software bundle with professional programs to get started on your project as soon as it arrives.


The Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet PTH850 isn’t the only pen tablet on the market offering artists the ability to create highly professional digital art – there are many brands that claim their products provide similar features and benefits.

In order to make the most informed decision before you invest in a pen tablet, it is important to compare some of these other similar products and look at what features they offer in comparison to the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet.

Two pen tablets that are roughly the same price as the Wacom Intuos5 are the Parblo Coast10 10.1" Digital Pen Tablet Display Drawing Monitor 10.1 Inch and the XP-Pen Artist10S IPS 10.1-Inch Drawing Monitor Pen Display Graphics Drawing Monitor.


The Parblo Coast10 10.1" Digital Pen Tablet Display Drawing Monitor 10.1 Inch might be roughly $50 cheaper than the Wacom Intuos5, but it lacks many of the more expensive model’s professional features.

The workable area is much smaller, and although the Parblo Coast10 is lightweight – which makes it easy to use wherever you require – it doesn’t have the Wacom Intuos 5 Touch’s ExpressKeys or ExpressView.

The Parblo Coast10 does feature a battery-free, rechargeable pen – in a similar style to the Wacom Intuos5 and the XP-Pen Artist10S -  but the pen feels less comfortable and generally cheaper to use.


The XP-Pen Artist10S IPS 10.1-Inch Drawing Monitor Pen Display Graphics Drawing Monitor, which is exactly the same price as the Parblo Coast10, does feature Express Keys for creating shortcuts.

Although it only offers six of these keys in comparison to the eight that designers can personalize on the Wacom Intuos5.

Whilst both the Parblo Coast10 and the XP-Pen Artist10S IPS offer artists highly pressure-sensitive tablet pens, each providing 2048 levels of instant Pen Pressure Sensitivity.

A Top Quality Tablet

This is the same level as the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet – neither of these pen tablets seems to replicate traditional techniques, such as paintbrush strokes or pencil shading, as well as the Wacom Intuos5 Touch, does.

It offers a standard of accuracy and precision that cannot be matched by other, cheaper models. Of the three pen tablets, the Wacom Intuos5 Touch is also the only one to offer a free downloadable software bundle, included in the price.

Wacom has a similar drawing including touch-screen, read about the Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch Interactive Pen Display (DTH2200) Review.

This software includes highly professional programs, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, Anime Studio Debut, Autodesk Sketchbook Express, and Nik Color Effects Pro 4 Select Edition.

Ugee also has a tablet with 2048 pressure sensitivity levels, read more about the Ugee 1910B Digital Pen Tablet: Analysis.

With the creative industry’s top programs included, you can easily start using your Wacom Intuos5 Touch the moment it arrives, without the hassle or expense of having to purchase the software.

For anyone looking for an all-around, professional and highly accurate pen tablet, the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet PTH850 is an excellent choice.

It provides designers, artists, and illustrators with all of the tools they need to create high quality, precision works.

If you're a beginner, I recommend learning more about our top rated drawing tablets below.

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