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Posted in Drawing Tablets on November 10, 2018
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Today, cartoonists, comic creators, and other digital artists have moved away from traditional pen & paper.

Nowadays most artists are using drawing tablets since they are accurate, convenient, economical and give amazing results.

If you are new to digital art, you need to understand more about graphic tablets and probably download a good editing application.

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Drawing Tablet Review

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, buying the correct tools for your work is very important.

One of the best graphical tablets for digital artwork is The Intuos Pro digital (large size PTH860) from Wacom.

It has great new features that outshine other drawing tablets. It's a great tablet, especially if you have been looking for a large drawing tablet for your complex projects.

Also, if you have never owned a Wacom drawing tablet, this is could be the best option.

The Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Drawing Tablet Overview

The Intuos Pro drawing tablet is a flexible graphical tablet. For people who are familiar with the Wacom tablet brand, this one is no different.

Even though it has improved features, it has maintained the great name of Wacom devices. It's a tablet that gives you the ability to produce great results.

It's designed for quality work and allows your creativity to reach another level.

The drawing tablet can be used by experts and new artists for a wide range of art jobs. It's designed by professionals who are aware of the digital art industry.

A Large Surface for Professionals

So whether you are looking for a drawing tablet that will help you in picture editing, illustrative drawing, and animation illustration, the Intuos Pro digital graphics tablet is the best.

It's large enough to be used in any profession. The tablet can also be used by adults and people who love drawing for fun or professional duties.

The rough texture on most Wacom graphic tablets is a feature that most artists love.

It's a nice feeling as it makes the artist feel like he or she is drawing on a real piece of paper. Even though the pen-nib wears out very fast, it helps artists feel more comfortable.

Many digital artists are familiar with the name Intuos Pro. It's a brand name that has been accepted for all professional drawing projects.

The improved design of the new Intuos Pro digital tablet looks lovely, and is acceptable for most specialized duties.

Even though it is large, the design is thinner for easier which makes it lighter.


The Intuos Pro digital drawing tablet has many features that are beneficial. The shape and size of the tablet are outstanding.

It's a large table for people who have been complaining about the size of the previous Wacom drawing tablets.

You can also carry it in a bag, backpack, or a luggage when on the move. Below are some main features of the Intuos Pro drawing tablet.

Large size – has a huge workspace that is designed to accommodate several artistic styles that need a large area or when working in large formats. It's also super slim for easier portability.

Battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen – supports 8192 levels of pressure-sensitivity, tilt response and interchangeable pen-tips with a stylish pen-stand.

Availability of multi-touch gesture support – offers a more enjoyable experience than many other drawing tablets.

Customizable Express-Keys – with this feature, you can speed your workflow. The availability of multi-touch gestures, the Express-Keys, and the pen-side switches make your drawing work easier and more accurate.

Bluetooth-connectivity – no need for cables. The bluetooth connectivity feature allows a cord-free experience. Also, the USB-interface supports an easy wired connection. Using a wireless graphics tablet is an amazing feature. It's convenient and looks more professional. Happily, you can still connect cables into your PC or laptop that you are using if it doesn't support Bluetooth.

Inside the box – once you purchase the tablet, you will find the Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet, a Wacom pro-pen, pen stand, 4 extra pen color rings, text-sheet sample card, a USB-cable and a quick start guide.


  • Has a much larger design, for people who normally use large fonts and work on big projects.
  • The pen holder also works as a nib-removal tool
  • Supports Bluetooth, hence no need for cables or numerous wires.
  • The pressure-sensitivity pen ensures accuracy and exactness
  • Can be used on both PC and Mac
  • The pen does not pause when drawing
  • It's slim and easy to set up to fit all your drawing needs


  • The pen-nibs wear very fast due to the rough surface of the drawing tablet
  • Some artists claim the size is too large for simple drawing tasks.


The Intuos Pro graphics tablet has great features and is affordable.

The size, shape, and features of the tablet, when compared to other tablets on the market, are competitive.

Even though some features might be similar, the Wacom Pro drawing tablet has several amazing features.

It also works great for both new artists and professionals. The Express-keys and pressure-sensitive pen makes your work easier and more accurate.

It's a powerful drawing tablet for large drawings and letter-art projects. It has superb options for complex projects tailored for business professionals.

The Intuos Pro digital tablet has high-quality professional features that help artists in improving their drawing effects.


If you're not a Wacom fan and would like to try a similar product, go for the Ugee 1910B interactive pen display drawing monitor graphics tablet.

The Ugee 1910B has a huge 19-inch screen similar to the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

The only problem with this drawing tablet is that weighs around 15 pounds and may not be suitable for traveling.

Wacom is the Leader

Most people have always wondered why the Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet is preferred by many experienced digital artists.

The features and the price make it a favorite for today's modern artists. It's also large, something many people have always wanted.

It's a nice, good-looking tablet with several Express-keys and touch-ring capabilities.

It's equipped with excellent tools and features for digital artists. It's lightweight, slim and with Bluetooth capabilities for today's modern technology.


It's also compatible with several platforms, and you can easily work on your PC and Mac programs.

Artists who have used this tablet have been overwhelmed by the quality and abilities of the tablet.

In general, it is a good graphics tablet for beginners and professionals.

I would recommend the new Intuos Pro graphics tablet to anyone. If you are looking for a great digital tablet, this one is for you.

It's a worthy product that can make a difference in the quality of your work.

If you have ever owned a Wacom tablet like me, upgrading to a larger one could make a huge difference.

Need a wider selection? See our latest drawing tablets below.

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