Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Review

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[Edited to add: There's a new version for this tablet and it's absolutely amazing. The new Wacom Intuos graphics tablet has newer technology and updated software. You can learn more about the new tablet version by reading The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 – Review.]

I have always been a huge fan of art and graphic design. It has always been a tremendous interest of mine, and it started early in school.

Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Review

The same also goes for anything to do with photography. Taking pictures, editing them, and turning them into my artwork has always been something I love to do.

With that in mind, using my computer to edit photos just was not working. Having to transfer the files to my computer just to work with them there took way too much time.

Using a smartphone as a full-fledged photo editing tool did not go so well either. There just are not enough options on those things to make them productive photo editors.


However, I want to make collages, cards, and awesome pictures of everything in between. Being able to create my artwork, scenes, portraits, and all of that other fun stuff requires the right tools.

That's where a nice digital photo editing tablet comes into play, something large enough to make for a useful editing tool, while also being small enough to use anywhere, anytime I want.

Finding a good photo editing tablet is a little easier said than done. There are a whole lot of options to take into account. Not all are the same, so choosing one to purchase takes some thought.

Today I want to review the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Digital Photo Editing Tablet CTH490PK and tell you all about it.

It has been one of my favorite tools so far, and I think that you might like it too.


  • When it comes to photo editing, the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Digital Photo Editing Tablet CTH490PK has a plethora of features that will help meet most or even all of your photo editing needs.
  • Let's take a closer look at it to see what it's all about.
  • Connects right to your computer for easy and fast photo editing
  • Uses a cordless & battery-free pen to make edits
  • The pen is pressure sensitive for thicker and thinner lines
  • 2540 lpi resolution
  • Features a USB port for secure connection
  • Works with virtually any software on Mac or PC
  • Features 4 customizable express keys
  • Allows for dragging and multi-touch
  • Comes with photo editing software included
  • Allows you to add drawings
  • Lightweight and very portable


  • The pen does not require any batteries
  • Creating different lines and strokes is very easy
  • Has exquisite sensitivity for different stroke and range thickness
  • So sensitive that you can work it with your fingers if need be
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Can be taken with you
  • Easy to make quick edits with the customizable keys
  • Works with Mac and PC
  • Custom USB cord for fast and reliable connection
  • Being able to drag, draw, and use a multi-touch feature is pretty cool
  • Easy to turn off and on with a switch


  • There are some software issues – Windows 10 seems to have trouble running it
  • There is nowhere to hold or attach the pen
  • The pen wears down reasonably fast


When it comes to photo editing tablets, I do have to say that this is one of my all-around favorites at this point.

I am aware of the fact that it might not have quite as many features as some of the fancier and more expensive options out there.

However, the fact of the matter is that this is also one of the more affordable photo editing tablets out there.

In my opinion, the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Digital Photo Editing Tablet comes with a perfect mix of comfort, functionality, and a decent price.


The high level of functionality combined with the reasonably low cost makes this particular tablet an excellent option for anybody that is just getting into digital photo editing for the first time.

Now, some people might not like the fact that you need to connect the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Digital Photo Editing Tablet right to your computer to perform photo editing.

Connecting the tablet to your PC means that you do need to be in front of your computer.

However, personally speaking, I like how it connects to the computer with a specialized USB cord.

No, not because of the cable, but because my computer has enough processing power to handle everything that this tablet can do.

The fact of the matter is that your computer does need to be fast and new enough to control this tablet, but if it is, this is one heck of a good tablet.

I do like how it has four customizable quick keys, so I have functions like delete, undo, redo, and all that other stuff right at my fingertips.

An Adaptable Tablet


It makes things a lot quicker and easier too. While some other tablets might have more quick keys to work with, they are not as affordable as the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Digital Photo Editing Tablet.

Perhaps my favorite part of this whole thing is the pen that comes with the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Digital Photo Editing Tablet. There's a new version for this tablet, you can read all about The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 – Review here.

In all honesty, for such an affordable tablet, the editing pen that comes included is genuinely fantastic. The fact that it is cordless and does not require any batteries is pretty darn cool as far as I am concerned.

There is no cord in the way, and I do not have to worry about the cells dying. All of the power comes from the tablet itself.

And on that same note, the sensitivity level for the pen is merely impressive.

It is so sensitive that making edits and drawings can be done with extreme precision, so much so that you could probably just use your fingers for most of the work.

At any rate, do keep in mind that this is my own opinion, with my biases and preferences thrown into the mix.

However, if you are anything like me and you like simply affordable, and highly functional photo editing tools, you might want to take a closer look at the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Digital Photo Editing Tablet CTH490PK.

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