Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100 - Review

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Today, artists, graphic designers, and illustrators have turned to drawing tablets in order to meet their clients’ needs.

A good drawing tablet provides the artist with an option of getting projects done in a smart way.

But choosing the right tablet for your tasks is not an easy task.

This is because there are different types of brands on the market.

One of the most popular graphic tablets is the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet.

Wacom is famous for designing some of the best digital art pads.

Hence, Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is a perfect tablet for someone looking for an affordable and portable tablet.

It is one of the best drawing pads for beginners. It is slim, attractive, and very reliable.

Who uses the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100?

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is one of the best drawing tablets for beginners.

If you are shopping for a simple graphics tablet that is affordable, you need to consider Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet.

It can be used by art students, professional arts, but mostly beginners.

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is a high-quality tablet.

It's also easy to use making it one of the best for young artists.

In addition, the working area is perfect even for more significant projects.

With this tablet, you do not need a mouse.

The pad is designed for artists using the drawing tablets for the first time.

The pen provides advanced performance and a good feeling just like when drawing on paper.

But it has several problems, especially on the free creative programs.

According to the manufacturer, purchasing the tablet comes with three free downloadable software programs.

But most applications have issues when downloading or installing.

Also, if you manage to install these programs, it might not work as expected.

There are many complaints, especially on the included creative programs.

What's inside the Box?

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is an excellent product with amazing features.

Apart from the features, it is affordable for young and experienced artists.

Besides, it has all the essential elements needed to create amazing drawings.

Inside the box, several items include the tablet, a battery-free pen, and bonus software programs.

The tablet is slim and portable for moving artists. It is well-designed to help you carry the tablet with you.

When drawing, it feels just like drawing on a paper.

Also, the drawing area is ample to ensure you have enough space to sketch.

The battery-free pen is also one of a kind. With EMR technology and 4096-pressure levels, it can finish the job.

The pen is also stylish even for professional tasks. You do not need to charge the pen.

This means you can start using it immediately.

The 4-k pressure sensitive pen allows you to work with performance.

However, there are several drawbacks when it comes to the items included in the package.

Several people criticized that the tablets arrived damaged.

Hence, the shipping box needs to be checked upon arrival.

Also, the quick start guide is not clear.

It contains low quality instructions to help users get familiar with the tablet.

Another main con about Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is the three software programs.

These programs are not useful. They have issues when downloading or installing.

Also, the Wacom site crashes when someone tries to register the product.

This makes it hard to register or download the software programs.

In addition, the quality of the product is horrible.

It might not be worth for a professional artist who is looking for a reliable drawing tablet.

Overview of features

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet has remained a great tablet among artists and graphic designers.

It is well-designed for people who want to paint, draw, or photo-edit for the first time.

If you are shopping for an affordable drawing tablet to help you bring your innovations to life, Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is one tab to consider.

The tablet is slim and compact.

It is super thin that makes it movable in case you want to carry your artwork from one location to the other.

It also has a large drawing space to give users more room to create images.

Included in the pack are three creative software programs.

Since most beginners are not sure of the best programs to use; Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet has some of the best programs.

All you need is to register the tablet and be able to download the free software.

The innovative programs are Comic & Manga, Graphic Drawing, and Photo Editing.

There are four Express keys to help you put your favorite keyboard shortcuts.

When compared with other drawing tablets, Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is worth buying.

Since there are different sizes, it is essential to pick the right size depending on how you plan to use your tablet.

But most people prefer the medium size tablet.

The medium size has enough space to draw, and it is not big on the drawing table.

How to use the drawing tablet

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is considered the best drawing tablet for beginners.

It is well-designed, compact, and very stylish.

It is lightweight, portable, and has some of the best features.

The set-up is easy and can be used by both left and right-handed people.

Happily, you do not need to charge the pen.

The tablet is easy to connect to the computer through a USB cable.

Once, you have connected, install the drivers, register, download the programs, and start drawing immediately.

You can also download online tutorials to help you start your drawing career.

Alternatives Products

Wacom has over 30 years of experience in the digital world.

This means you can trust Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet to help you take your imagination to the next level.

However, due to various drawbacks with the tablet, you might think of looking at alternative products.

Some of the best alternatives include Huion H610 Pro V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet Tilt Function Battery-Free Stylus and 8192 Pen Pressure with 8 Pen Nibs and Huion Inspiroy H950P Graphics Drawing Tablet with Tilt Response Battery-Free Stylus and 8192 Pen Pressure.

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