The Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Tablet Review

Posted in Drawing Tablets on October 10, 2016


[Edited to add: There’s a new version for this tablet and it’s absolutely amazing.

The new Wacom Intuos graphics tablet has newer technology and updated software.

You can learn more about the new tablet version by reading about The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 – Review.]

The Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Tablet Review

The Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Digital Drawing Graphics Tablet or the CTL490DB is one of the bestselling entry-level digital tablets in the world.

Aimed at those who are just getting started in digital design, the Wacom Intuos Draw is easy to set-up, fun to use, and comes with everything new artists need to get started creating works of art straightaway.

With many of Wacom’s professional-grade features – like the pressure sensitive pen and customizable Express Keys – but at a fraction of the price of their top-end models, the Wacom Intuos Draw is a very good starting point for artists on a budget.


  • Battery-free, pressure sensitive pen
  • Free Draw Pack including: ArtRage Lite sketching and drawing software, online tutorials, and a free 8x10 metal photo print
  • Four customizable Express Keys for quick use of favorite shortcuts
  • Compatible with Mac (10.8.5 and above) or PC (Windows 7 and above) via USB cable or wireless
  • Compact size (8.25-by-6.7 inches) for limited space and easy transport
  • Can be setup for both left and right handed use


  • Very easy to set up and start using straightaway – a perfect tablet for digital graphics beginners
  • Comes with a range of software and training for those who are just starting out and need some guidance on digital art
  • Lightweight and compact – great for students, small workspaces and for those who are on the move a lot
  • Can be connected either by USB or by wireless for more freedom of where to work
  • Features Wacom’s ExpressKeys, which are great for accessing favorite shortcuts at the touch of a finger and increases productivity
  • Uses Wacom’s highly pressure-sensitive pen technology to mimic real-life artists’ tools and techniques like paint brushes and brush strokes
  • Comfortable to use, grip-comfort pen and can be used by both left and right-handed artists
  • Great price and value for money – perfect for students/beginners on a budget

Things to be Aware Of

  • No touch-screen or multi-touch function – only responds to pen

Bottom Line

When the top Wacom graphics tablets can set you back by $2000 and over, it’s hard to believe you can get one of their excellent small, beginner’s tablets for under $70… but that’s exactly what the Wacom Intuos Draw costs.

It might not have all of the professional, industry-level features – like multi-touch, a HD display or interactive functions – but it does have the very best basic features that make Wacom such a popular brand.

The Wacom Intuos Draw’s pen offers a very good standard of pressure-sensitivity for this price range. It might not have sensitive tilt-recognition, like the more expensive models do, but it does accurately interpret pressure as you draw – without any dragging or sticking points.

The tablet comes with a free Draw Pack which includes sketching and drawing software, online tutorials, and a free 8x10 metal photo print.


Everyone loves a bargain, especially one from a well-respected brand, but to fully grasp the value of the Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Digital Drawing Graphics Tablet.

It is important to think about what you require from a graphics tablet and what features, benefits and extras this particular tablet can offer you.

The best way to make an informed decision is to look at other similar graphics tablets that are available to buy and compare them to the Wacom Intuos Draw.

We have compared two other tablets that are similar in size and cost – the Huion H610 Pro Graphic Drawing Tablet and the XP-PEN Star03 12" Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet.



For artists who are only just beginning to venture into digital creations, there are a couple of main features to look out for in a table. It should be easy to set up, simple to use, offer a range of easily understandable functions and most importantly, it should make creating digital artwork fun!

Each of the three tablets we compared - the Wacom Intuos Draw, the Huion H610 Pro, and the XP-PEN Star03 – are very compact, quick and easy to set up, and are designed with beginners in mind, but what does the Wacom Intuos Draw have that the other two does not?

To start with, the Wacom Intuos Draw is the only one to offer new artists an included free software bundle. The tablet comes with ArtRage Lite - an easy-to-use drawing and sketching software, plus online tutorials to help you get started sketching, drawing, or simply doodling.

Powerful and Affordable

With this one affordable tablet, you can begin creating artwork instantly – without having to pay for expensive software before you have even really gotten going.

Both the Huion H610 Pro and the XP-PEN Star03 offer users shortcut keys, in a similar style to the Wacom Intuos Draw’s ExpressKeys, but what they don’t have is the technologically advanced design behind these features.

Wacom is known in the industry for leading the way with new technology and advancements in digital creation, and the Wacom Intuos Draw – although small and inexpensive – still features this leading technology.

Whether you are a student just getting started, a new artist looking to take the plunge and move to digital artwork, or you simply want to take up a new, fun hobby, the Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Digital Drawing Graphics Tablet is an incredibly smart purchase.

Not only do you have the quality assurance that comes with the Wacom name, you also have years of these tablets being chosen by some of the best artists in the world.

If the Wacom brand is not your type, take a look at our top rated drawing tablets list below.

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