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[Edited to add: There's a new version for this tablet and it's absolutely amazing. The new Wacom Intuos graphics tablet has newer technology and updated software. You can learn more about the new tablet version by reading The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 – Review.]

The Wacom Intuos Comic Pen and Touch Anime Manga Digital Drawing Tablet is for both beginners and professional artists.

However, it favors beginners more than experts. The size is perfect for all artists, and the features as well.

Wacom Intuos Comic Pen Review

One of the main benefits of buying Wacom Intuos Comic is that it comes with the famous software “Clip Studio Paint Pro” and “Anime Studio”.

This software bundle is perfect for artists interested in designing their manga and comic heroes.

According to numerous customer reviews, this drawing tablet hits the mark when manga and anime lovers are concerned. This drawing tablet provides a simple and quick installation, with an excellent appeal.

Compared to other expensive Wacom brand devices, this tablet is quite affordable. It is a portable, lightweight and fantastic tool for anyone looking for a perfect drawing pad.

A Graphics Tablet with Fantastic Features


It also supports ExpressKeys. Hence, your drawing experience can be keyboard-less if you can set-up the device correctly. This graphics tablet replaces the PC mouse. It turns your PC into a digital-drawing piece.

The Wacom Intuos Comic Pen and Touch Anime Manga Digital Drawing Tablet use the pressure-sensitive-pen to sketch and color. The availability of pressure-sensitive and battery-free pen helps you to have thicker and thinner lines.

But this will be based on how hard the artist pushes the pen. You can use the fingers to navigate, zoom, and scroll your artwork with several touch gestures. The table is packed with a free comic software pack. The pack includes Clip Studio Paint Pro and Anime Studio software, and several online tutorials.

The tablet has 4-customized ExpressKeys. These keys allow you to have your favorite shortcuts at your fingertips.

A Drawing Tablet for Both Beginners and Professionals

Some of the alternatives you will have include copy, paste, and undo. This drawing pad connects well with PC Windows 7 & above, and Mac 10.8.5 & above.

You can use a USB cable or purchase a wireless kit sold separately. The wireless kit can work well with any software.

The size is perfect for limited desktop space. You can set the tablet for both right-hand and left-hand use. The Wacom Intuos Comic Drawing tablet is a helpful tool for all digital artists.

Though both hobbyists and professional artists, can use the tablet, availability of online tutorials favors the starters.

It is a suitable device for beginners and someone who is is entering the digital art world.


The ExpressKeys are also essential for you to customize the setting to have the primary keys at your fingertips.

Manga and Anime Artists will Love this Tablet

When choosing an artist tablet, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Some of the factors include pressure-sensitivity, accuracy, and size.

Even though most people buy drawing tablets for basic drawing tasks or as a hobby, it is wise to choose a tablet that you can use for professional work. Having a drawing tablet with right specs can change your game.

The Wacom Intuos Comic Pen and Touch Anime Manga Digital Drawing Tablet is a device that considers all the essential features. It is a tablet that can make you change your thoughts about digital art.

It allows you to work directly on your screen, and the pressure-sensitive pen ensures you can draw several lines.

When you apply some pressure, the pen will give thin or thick lines. The pen pressure promises accuracy for designers and artists. It also means you can draw anything you imagine.

Also, the pad supports multi-touch gestures. You can zoom, navigate and perform other functions using your fingers. Gestures are essential as it helps to maximize the workflow.

The tablet is well-designed to enable you to carry out your creativity with comfort.

The Wacom Intuos Comic Drawing Tablet is about Adaptability


One of the main benefits of purchasing a drawing tablet is accuracy. You also need one that will provide comfort among other benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of owning an Intuos Comic pen drawing tablet. You can take your hobbyist tasks to a professional level.

With the Wacom Comic and Touch tablet and the pressure-sensitive pen, you can upgrade your creativity.

With battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen, you can have thicker or thinner lines. All you need is to push the pen harder.

One element to consider is that this drawing tablet is cheaper than other brands. You can also purchase a wireless adapter kit to make your work more professional.

It is easy to connect to a Mac or Windows PC and can work with any software program. There are several gestures, to help you zoom, rotate, scroll and flip through photos and documents.

It can be set for both right-hand and left-hand artists.


  • The Anime Manga Digital Drawing Tablet is inexpensive
  • It is portable and easy to setup
  • The tablet comes with an art software bundle
  • Good for necessary artwork and professional works
  • Availability of Expresskeys makes the job more relaxed, accurate and professional
  • Comes with several Wacom brand online tutorials
  • Connects well to Mac 10.8.5 & above, and PC Windows 7 & above
  • Perfect size for limited desktop spaces, and easy setup for both right-hand and left-hand artists


  • Pressure-sensitivity might not be okay for artists looking for higher sensitivity.
  • The wireless accessory kit is a bit expensive.
  • Any artist looking for an affordable drawing tablet, with helpful tutorials should consider the Anime Manga Digital Drawing Tablet.
  • This graphics tablet is one digital drawing tool that will help you adapt to the digital world very fast.
  • From affordability to comfort and light-weight, this tablet is also easy to set-up, and install.


The Wacom Intuos Comic Pen and Touch Anime Manga Digital Drawing Tablet is the perfect device for all artists. There's a newer version available right now called The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0.

Created for both beginners and professional artists alike, but great for starters. It gets rid of the PC mouse by bringing the feeling of drawing using a pen on a paper.

There are other great brand tablets to choose from, click the button below.

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