Reviewing the Popular Ugee M708 Graphics Tablet

Posted in Drawing Tablets on February 8, 2018


 I remember seeing my first Disney animated movie when I was four years old.

It was Disney's "Sleeping Beauty," and I was hooked from the opening credits until the very end.

I loved every moment of that animated movie and wanted to find out entirely how it all worked and how I could be involved.

Ugee M708 Graphics Tablet Review

 It was these animated movies I grew up with that inspired my love for animation and, most of all, art, and which is why I am a professional artist today.

Art allows you the ability to create characters, to tell stories, and most of all put the ideas in your head down on a sheet of paper.

It is something I feel very strongly about and why I have decided to help new artists in the field today.

Once I graduated high school, which was many years ago, I knew I wanted to pursue art full time.

A Conservative Artist


I attended college for art and back then, we would only use pencils, ink, and pens, and real paper.

It was a fantastic time for art before the technological push, and that was my favorite era.

However, I did notice at the end of each day how much paper we were wasting, and I always hoped one day there would be a way that eliminated the need to use so much paper as an artist.

 Well, that day came several years later with the rise of technology and the use of computers within art schools, and within the art community.

Now, we have the power to draw a piece of art and have it automatically stored on a computer, to which you can to then make adjustments with a design program.

On top of that, it allows you the ability to draw, erase, and save your work without using a single sheet of paper.

How might you ask? By using a drawing tablet.

A Digital Art Era


Drawing tablets have been the on the market many years now and gave artists the ability to draw on the go and connect their artwork directly to a computer.

It is challenging to draw with a mouse and a computer screen, so tablets allow you to have the illusion of writing and to draw on paper, without wasting any real paper.

It is the way of the future and the way most artists draw now.

 There are so many brands of tablets on the market today that it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to buy, especially if you are just a beginner.

I have made it my goal to point new artists in the right direction and give my own two cents on various drawing tablets that I have tested myself.

I hope that at the end of this article you will be one step closer to finding your answer to what tablet you should buy.

One brand of drawing tablet is the Ugee M708 Graphics Tablet. It has been made to give you the most ease when creating art on a drawing tablet.


The Ugee M708 Graphics Tablet comes with a variety of features to meet all your creative and artistic needs. These features include:

  • The drawing area is quite big and measures 10" x 6."
  • Can measure pressure sensitivity, so if you press harder you get thicker lines, and lighter gives you thinner lines
  • Comes with a resolution of 5080LPI
  • Feels like you are using a pencil drawing or writing on paper
  • Comes with eight user-defined shortcuts
  • These shortcuts can be customized, depending on what you need such as enhancing the brush, zooming in and out, and eraser
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Can be used with all these computer systems: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10//Mac OS 10.8.5 or above.
  • Is compatible with the most elite drawing software including Adobe Photoshop,
    Photoshop CC, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Pixologic
  • Needs AAA battery to run
  • The stylus is a P51
  • Whole tablet measures 36.1 x 21.1 x 03 cm
  • Weighs 590 grams


  • Great that it is compatible with drawing programs, can fix up photos while using Photoshop
  • Very easy to use after you install all the drivers
  • Sleek and slim, easy to move and take on the road
  • Pressure sensitivity works well
  • Can be used for both right-handed and left-handed people
  • Eight shortcut buttons for efficient use and for getting things done quicker
  • Fantastic appearance
  • Great working space


  • Stylus is a bit bigger than I originally imagined
  • Sometimes it is hard to plug in the USB as the port is extremely tight
  • No other cons to note


Before I get into my final verdict, let me clarify one thing.

As with all studies of art, whether it is drama, film, music, or painting, it is all very personal.

One thing someone might love, another might hate.

Art is meant to stir up a conversation and have debates about certain issues, and share your point of view.

The same applies to art products. These opinions are all my personal preference and something I might love, you might hate, because of our very distinct artistic styles.

So, approach my review with a grain of salt and always test out a product for yourself before buying.

I thoroughly recommend the Ugee M708 Graphics Tablet because it is one of the best drawing tablets on the market today.

It has a fantastic, large, drawing surface that gives you enough room to draw and spread your ideas.

It has a great look, and the screen is very bright; I found it to be incredibly easy to install and set up on my computer.

The eight shortcut buttons that it comes with allowing for more efficient use of your time while drawing.

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