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I have always been a massive fan of art.

Even as a child, I found all art to be beautiful and was always drawn to books with illustrated pictures, and animated movies, especially early morning cartoons.

Ugee HK1060 Pro Review

I remember watching a "Donald Duck" animated short as a child and quickly asking my mom if I could learn how to draw him.

She bought me a traceable book that had his face in it, and I slowly learned how to draw.

That was the beginning of my hobby turning into my passion.

A Dedicated Digital Artist

Gradually over the years, my level of artwork developed and so made my love for all art, as I wanted to become one of the greatest.

I spent countless hours at various art museums, and one of the best trips I ever took was an art history field trip to Italy, France, and England when I was in high school.

Besides being an artist, I took it upon myself to also study how technology and art began to complement each other.

When I entered college and was studying art for the first time, it was just at the beginning of the technological wave and computers were introduced into my art classroom.

While a lot of my professors were turned off by them and thought they hindered the art, I thought the exact opposite.

I thought they would lead to significant innovation, and they were needed to move the art world forward and not get left behind.

I began researching various ways art and technology could help one another, and got excited when specific new products started appearing on the market.


One of the products that changed everything in the art world was the creation of the drawing tablet; this changed the way art could be done and allowed an artists' creation to be forever on the computer.

Most drawing tablets can also be synced with fantastic design programs (especially those made by my Adobe) and have the power to save your art forever.

I loved drawing on my first drawing tablet and saw the huge potential in owning one.

From one single stylus, you have the tools to turn it into a paintbrush or a pen or a pencil, and from those, I've used it continually gives the illusion that you are in fact writing on actual paper.

What I have found is that it gave me the flexibility by saving all my work online.

It also opened huge paths into graphic design as I can email all of the ideas to my bosses, and to all my clients.

With so many brands of drawing tablets that you can buy, it can be a difficult task to know which ones are the best.

I have made it my goal to help beginner artists (and pros who want to expand their tools through technology) and point them in the right direction of a great drawing tablet!

One brand of drawing tablet is the Ugee HK1060 Pro Drawing Pen Tablet. It has been made to give you the most ease when creating art on a drawing tablet.

The Ugee M708 graphics tablet is also a great choice, and it has been a best seller on Amazon.


  • The Ugee HK1060 Pro Drawing Pen Tablet comes with a variety of features to meet all your creative and artistic needs. These features include:
  • Drawing area measures 10" x 6."
  • Comes equipped with a pressure system to tell how hard you are drawing (the harder you press down, the bolder and substantial the line) 2048 level
  • Has high resolution of 5080LPI
  • Can use it to draw, make notes, sketches, design, and paint
  • Can be used with these computer systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and all Mac OS systems
  • Also, compatible with these elite design systems: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk Sketchbook, Corel Painter, MAYA, and many more
  • On the back, attached with four mats that are anti-slip (prevents it from smashing if the tablet falls to the ground)
  • Fully customizable express keys on the size of the tablet. (8 of them); This allows you to work far more efficiently
  • Both right-handed and left-handed people can use it efficiently as it is highly adjustable
  • The pen also has buttons that switch into an eraser
  • Eight express keys on the side, all can be customized; it can significantly bring you wonderful drawing experience and work efficiency


  • Great for both beginners and professionals
  • Massive display screen
  • Easy installation
  • Feels like you are drawing on paper (a great surface)
  • Affordable
  • Light, easy to go mobile
  • Eight keys on the side, much-added feature, makes my work go faster
  • Sturdy but also comfortable to hold


  • Can only draw on it when connected to a computer
  • I have heard of it crashing some computer systems
  • Not as high-end as others on the market


I just want to remind you that in the field of art, almost everything comes down to personal preference.

There may be a play that I love, that you hate, and there may be a piece of art that you think speaks volumes and I think is a bore.

The same with art tools, especially in the field of drawing tablets.

Even if I think one is state of the art, you may not connect with it, and it might not be ideal for you.

I recommend you try a lot of drawing tablets in person to see if it is the right feel for you.

I recommend the Ugee HK1060 Pro Drawing Pen Tablet for beginners only who are just getting into the field of art.

It provides you with everything you need, but I don’t think it is up to the same high quality that a professional would need to do his or her work.

If you're looking for a top quality drawing tablet, press the button below.

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