Types of Drawing Tablets - Basic Concepts

Posted in Blog on October 8, 2016


Today’s software and hardware developers have designed and delivered so many different types of awesome technologies for business and personal use.

Just when it seems that they have crossed all boundaries, they push the mark over and over again into better and newer innovations for a greater diversity of users.

One of the most recent involves the introduction of drawing tablets. These gadgets are available for use in a number of different ways.

For those users who are interested in knowing what these tablets actually offer, there is quite a bit of information on sites that support the use of this technology.

From sites that discuss graphic design trends to forums that tell people what they can use certain kinds of digital art for in their professionals.

These sites will not only discuss what these tablets are designed to do but also what kind of tablets that may be suited for each individual based on their personal or business needs.


With this in mind, here is some information about the different types of tablets that people can use along with the level of expertise needed to use specific kinds of tablets.

Beginner Level User Tablets

Fortunately, there are different types of great drawing tablets on the market from which people can make their selection.

One of the more notable brands is the Wacom tablet since it has been designed with features that will allow the user to have the pressure sensitivity that is required.

In fact, most drawing tablet users normally encourage the use of a tablet that has the highest amount of sensitivity. Also, the size of the tablet can make a very big difference too.

When a user is just getting started, they can start their doodling on one of the smallest models that is available.

With these smaller tablets, the individual will not be required to pay large sums of money to become acclimated to the tablet.


Instead, these users can invest in a smaller size tablet and get the experience that they need with manipulating the different kinds of artwork.

Typically, when looking for a beginner drawing tablet, users can review their online resources for a line of products that will fit the beginner’s needs.

For instance, if the user is interested in the Wacom brand, they may want to consider the Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Graphics Tablet Review.

This tablet can be described as the New Version (CTL490DB).

This drawing tablet is ideal for a number of different users, especially for the novel digital artists, who want to get started by using a tablet that allows them to draw and paint digital features.

Once the drawings are complete or a mistake has been made, the user can easily edit the drawing with an easy to use pen.

Professional Level Tablet User

Once an individual has graduated to the next level, they may consider themselves someone who is more along the professional level tablet user.

In these cases, the size of the drawing tablet may get significantly larger.


However, it is important for people to survey their needs prior to making an investment.

For instance, it is not uncommon for an individual to make an investment in a large size drawing tablet, especially if they have a need to use their tablet for the C.A.D. program.

So, it is important for people to make sure that they are first considering the style and size needed if they want to invest in a model that will allow them to begin to use them as a professional designer or illustrator.

The advanced user may want choose the Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display (DTK1300) to start and complete the digital drawings that they need to make for their projects.

This drawing tablet is designed with many different types of innovative features. Take a look at the Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch Interactive Pen Display (DTH2200) Review.

One of the more important features is that it provides the user with the creative expression that is needed to develop all kinds of different digital artwork.


There are many different types of drawing tablets on the market, and people can pick and choose which ones are best for them.

Before making a purchase, however, it is important that people know which drawing tablets are designed for the novice and those that have been made for the advanced user.

Take a look at our best drawing tablets for this year.

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