Top 10 Famous Cartoon Cats (Feline Fun)

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 If you love cartoons, you definitely understand the joy of watching cartoon characters on TV.

Though there are various creatures featured on multiple cartoon shows and movies, cats have made their place as famous and beloved characters.

There are many cartoon characters that everyone loves and enjoys watching.

Most people believe that cats have a decent personality.

Cats with Personalities


And for that reason, we prefer them as pets.

However, apart from politeness, they are cute, lovely, funny and lazy.

Some are also violent, powerful and strong.

Apart from being household pets, many cats have been featured in various TV series, comics, and movies.

 They have also gained popularity among many cartoon lovers.

Below is a list of the top 10 famous cartoons cats that we all love.

Top 10 Famous Cartoon Cats

10. Scratchy

The Bart & Lisa Show is a famous show that introduces violent cats like Scratchy.

He is a character from a cartoon within a different cartoon.

Scratchy is definitely the most violent cartoon cat you will ever come across.

Though he is violent, he is famous and among the most loved cartoon characters.

Thanks to his mysterious character, Scratchy has managed to be on the top 10 famous cartoon cats list.

9. Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat began on YouTube as a simple cartoon cat.

But today, they feature the cat in many books.

He is a lovely needy cat who is always looking for attention from the owner.

Moreover, he is always asking for something to eat.

 One reason we love Simon’s Cat is because of his personality.

He will wake up his boss in the middle of the night for food or make a mess in the living room if the owner is not paying attention.

He is funny, exciting and worth watching for entertainment.

8. Garfield

One of the most popular cat cartoons is Garfield.

Being a cat with an attitude, he is not interested in many things except napping, lasagna, sleeping, eating, and teasing dogs.

He also loves causing mischief in the house.

One of the main reasons Garfield is a famous cartoon cat is because of his personality.

The funny orange cat is unique.

Garfield is popular and funny because he is lazy and selfish.

You cannot expect Garfield to chase or eat a mouse.

He believes that he is a house cat and thus all he needs is to sleep, eat and sleep more.

7. Felix

Felix the Cat is one of the funniest cartoon characters you will ever meet.

 He has a black body, a giant grin, white eyes and looks funny.

However, his silent strips have made him famous and a familiar black cat all over the world.

Felix is smart, mischievous and very entertaining.

Unlike other famous cartoon cats such as Garfield who are lazy and love to sleep all the time, Felix is always up and busy looking for trouble.

6. Top Cat

Top Cat is the chief, the king, and definitely the Top Cat.

He is always trying to do things that the office does not want him to do.

However, he has managed to steal the hearts of many people all over the world.

Together with his gang members, the Top cat is the coolest cat ever.

He is funny, good-hearted, smart and entertaining.

5. The Pink Panther

Pink Panther is probably the most recognized cartoon cat from the Tom & Jerry era.

The pink funny looking cat is a darling to both kids and adults.

His charming and appealing looks are something you cannot ignore.

Even though he was not popular some years back, he has gained many fans after the transformation in 2005.

4. Sylvester

Sylvester has nothing in his mind apart from catching the yellow bird named Tweety.

However, even though he looks smart and cunning, he does not catch Tweety the Bird.

Nevertheless, we all love the way he talks and his overall character.

Just like Tom, he eats, sleeps and wakes up thinking of how he will catch Tweety.

3. Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots has become famous for his heroic character.

Unlike many cartoon cats who are lazy and only interested in cat and mouse games, Puss in the Boots is unique and very interesting.

He is feared by many people in his town because of his suspicious character.

Puss in the Boots first featured in the 2nd Shrek movie, and since then, he has become a great character in the Shrek movies.

From his outfits to his eyes, he is definitely an outstanding cartoon cat.

Due to his fame in the Shrek movies, he has managed to have his own movie Puss in the Boots.

2. Hello Kitty

Even though Hello Kitty does not say much, her face always pops up wherever you go.

Today, Hello Kitty is a household name.

She is so famous that her face is being featured on various gifts such as automobiles, pencils, and clothes.

She is cute, loving and needs to be on our cartoon cats list.

1. Tom from Tom & Jerry

If you are a cartoon enthusiasts, you definitely know Tom of the great Tom & Jerry cartoon show.

Whether you have watched it several times or for years, you can never get enough of Tom.

Tom is always outsmarted by Jerry even in the worst situations.

From children to senior adults, Tom has appeared in many generations.

Sometimes, you may feel like Tom is never interested in catching Jerry.

It is just a game, or he is fond of Jerry that he does not want to eat him.

Even though without Jerry, Tom is no more, he is a true definition of how a cat should hate a mouse.

Besides, Tom is funny, interesting, entertaining and will never get old.

In Conclusion

Learning how to draw cartoon cats is very important if you love cats.

You can get some drawing ideas from these cat characters for your own projects.

Apart from the above famous cartoon cats, there are others that have been loved by both adults and kids.

Some of them include CatDog, Krazy Kat, Simba (Lion King), Sagwa, and many others.

Which cat should have been on the list? Leave your comments below.

Start drawing cool cartoon cats with the best art supplies below.

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