Tips for Beginners on How to Draw in General

Posted in Blog on December 4, 2019

How to Draw in General with a pencil

Learning how to draw in general is the first step toward becoming a great artist.

Drawing is something we loved when we were kids.

It is an activity that is interesting, enjoyable, and exciting. 

However, many people do not take drawing seriously. Some view it as just a hobby. 

They think it is a kid’s thing and nothing to do with adults. 

But because of recent trends, drawing has become a career and a hobby for many people.

If you would like to draw again, there are certain things you need to put into consideration. 

You need to learn about art supplies, how to draw, the colors needed, and other important things. 

With enough information about drawing, you'll be better equipped.

Also, you will bring out the best in you; Here are a few tips for beginners learning how to draw.

Tips for Beginners on How to Draw in General

Know your art supplies and materials

If you want to learn how to draw, you need to know about art supplies. 

Also, the materials you need for each task; This is because there are different things you need for drawing. 

And with the right materials, you can become a great artist. 

Some supplies you need include art pencils, drawing paper and pads, erasers, a sketchbook, pencil sharpener, a drawing board, supplies container, and reference photos among others. 

With all these supplies, you can start drawing; Keep in mind that consistency is the key if you want to progress faster. 

Hence, gather all art supplies and begin experimenting by sketching and doodling. 

Don't forget your Sketchbook

A sketchbook is an artist’s playground; This is the place for experimenting and practicing. 

For you to learn how to draw fast, you need to practice as often as possible. 

And with a sketchbook, you will have an easier time; Artists can capture important moments in their sketchbooks.

Have a sketchbook all the time; Even when traveling, ensure you carry a notebook.

Although you cannot draw all the time, ensure your new hobby is part of your life. 

This will ensure you get into a habit of drawing; The more you draw, the more you grow as an artist.

And as a beginner, you will start viewing things differently. 

Draw from life, not pictures

People think being a great artist is drawing from pictures.

But this is not the case; If you want to enjoy drawing, start drawing from life, not pictures.

Sketching cartoons is good, but learning how to draw in general like real life is best.

Even though it is easy to draw from images, real life is the best reference. 

Taking inspiration from life will help you love drawing. 

Some of the best places to get inspiration include the zoo, in the woods, and and visiting instructed sessions, among others.

When you draw from life, you become free; It also gives you a drawing foundation; You see and analyze things differently. 

Draw big easy shapes

To ensure you do not get trapped into details, draw big shapes first. 

A good example of drawing big easy shapes is drawing cartoon snowmen.

Drawing big shapes does not take a lot of time and gives results immediately. 

But messing around with details might take a long time to learn.

For instance, if you are drawing a human face, do not start with the eyes; Draw the face and later the eyes.

Try drawing with different big shapes to learn new curves and strokes. 

Hence, always start with the entire picture then down to details. 

And have simple forms and shapes; This will ensure you do not spend a lot of time on small details. 

Focus on one thing at a time

When you focus on one thing, you benefit a lot. 

This is because you dedicate your time and effort to one thing. 

You will also see more improvements; But if you focus on over one object, you can easily lose motivation and concentration. 

Most beginners do not get motivated when they focus on many things. 

When drawing a human figure with anatomy and gestures, focus on one aspect.

Practice drawing anatomy for some time before you move to gesture; This will ensure you have learned everything in detail. 

Avoid symbols

When you draw, you normally see symbols; This is because they are representatives of the objects we know. 

Even though they help us identify objects quickly, they can get into the way when drawing. 

For you to draw great images, you need to avoid symbols. 

Do not rely on your memory since it contains too many symbols. 

So when drawing, observe and analyze what you see, but eliminate symbols from your preexisting memory. 

Though there are some images that use symbols, drawing from what you see is the best way to learn. 

Challenge yourself and learn how to draw in general

Even though it is fun and interesting to draw what you know, you need to try new things. 

And for you to be a great artist, you need to get out of your comfort zone; Pushing yourself will make you a great artist. 

Most beginners avoid drawing complicated things; For instance, when drawing a man, you may avoid drawing the hands.

Hence, you put the hands inside the pocket or behind the body. 

So instead of avoiding drawing the hands, dedicate some time to drawing the hands. 

This will strengthen you and be able to overcome the challenge. 

Use your whole arm

For you to learn how to draw fast, you need to use your whole arm while drawing. 

Although most people prefer to use the fingers and wrist when drawing, involving the entire arm is necessary. 

Drawing from your wrist is appropriate when drawing small details; But for large objects and shapes, you need to involve your whole arm.

When you use your entire arm, you will have clear images and you ensure you do not strain your wrist. 

Besides, you will draw for a long time and feel motivated.


With the above tips, you are on your way to becoming a great artist. 

Educate yourself on how to draw in general by practicing a little of everything.

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect; Hence, you need to keep practicing to enhance your skills. 

Learn the basics and try new things through observation; And always get new ideas from various credible resources.

Visit websites that have awesome art and learn new techniques.

However, the most important lesson of all is to never stop drawing; Sketching or drawing require practice and constant training to perfection.

Think of drawing as riding a bicycle, once you learn how to ride it you never forget, but you lose practice.

Start your drawing career with our favorite drawing materials below.

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