Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Drawing Tablet

Posted in Blog on September 9, 2019

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Before buying a drawing tablet, consumers need to learn about the important features.

Today, artists rarely use traditional supplies anymore. 

They focus on modern tools to present their work. 

One modern piece of equipment that is being sorted by every artist is a drawing tablet.

A drawing tablet is just like a normal tablet. 

But artists use it to transfer their motions to the computer. 

Some tablets have replaced the monitors and artists can draw directly on them.

But the big problem is getting a good and reliable art tablet for your needs. 

This is because there are many types and models on the market. 

The decision is hard for art students and beginners to choose the best drawing tablet for their needs.

To help you pick the best art tablet, we wrote the key things you need to know before purchase one.

Knowing these factors will ensure you get the best when shopping for one.

Things you need to know before buying a drawing tablet

Key Features

When buying an art tablet, the main factor to consider is its features. 

This is because the features of the tablet impact the functionality. 

Even though most of the features are noticeable, it is always wise to understand them and how they can impact your work.

Some main features users need to check include pressure sensitivity, size of the tablet, resolution, stylus type, controls, and the advanced features. 

By knowing and understand these key features, you will pick the right drawing tablet.


There are different models that come from different manufacturing companies. 

Since they don't create all graphics tablets the same, it is important to know the best tablet manufactures. 

This will ensure you save money and get the best services.

A good model will ensure you express your creativity for a long time and the product is durable. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is always good to ensure you pick a tablet from the best manufacturers.

Some of the best brands include Wacom, Turcom, Huion, and XP-Pen among others.


Drawing tablets come in different sizes. Hence, you need to choose a tablet based on your needs. 

If you are looking for a tablet for home use, then a small size might work. 

However, if you are searching for a tablet for professional artwork, you might need a medium or a larger tablet.

There are two factors you need to check when deciding on the size of the tablet. 

You need to check the size of the working area and the size of the overall tablet. 

The working area is more important than the overall size of the tablet.

However, it is important to note that prices increase with size. 

One of the most important things to consider is to determine the size of the surface area.

Tablet accessories

When buying a drawing tablet, you need to know that it comes with various accessories. 

Therefore, based on your drawing needs, you need to check the accessories that come with specific tablets. 

From the storage bag to the pen, and batteries, it is important to check these accessories before you purchase.

When buying a drawing tablet look for a storage bag, pen charging cable, a pen, user manual, a glove, and other useful accessories. 

Hence, it is important to check and confirm whether all the required accessories are available before you purchase one.

Type of the tablet

Another important decision to make when buying a drawing tablet is choosing the type. 

Users need to decide whether you need a non-display tablet or a display tablet. 

A display tablet is mostly considered by beginners and art students. 

This is because you do not have to keep looking between the computer screen and the tablet. 

But for a non-display tablet, you need to connect it to the computer. 

These are tablets preferred by professional artists.

If you are looking for a more presentable tablet that can create high-quality work, display tablets are the best choice. 

However, they can be expensive for some people. For non-display tablets, they are more affordable and known for durability.


Buying a drawing tablet is not a cheap thing. Hence, you need to ensure you spend your money on the best deal. 

And one factor you cannot ignore is the warranty. 

Warranty will ensure you purchase a good graphics tablet that will not break after a few months. 

In addition, you want one that will give good services.

Happily, most drawing tablets come with a manufacturer’s warranty. 

However, warranty duration depends on the brand of the tablet. 

In most cases, a reliable tablet comes with a warranty of one or more years.

I always recommend buying a warranty for two or more years.

Electronic devices can get damaged easily and they're not cheap.

Usually drawing tablets are durable and last for a long time, but accidents occur.


Another thing to check when buying a drawing tablet is the battery. 

If you are looking for one for your professional duties, you need one with a good battery. 

For instance, if you plan to travel with your drawing tablet, ensure the battery can last for 3 to 4 hours.

However, the battery life is based on various factors. 

Some factors include battery life, weather, and the number of hours used. 

Hence, it is important to know the expected battery life after charging.

Advanced features

Apart from the above features, most professional artists consider other features. 

Happily, some drawing tablets come with amazing special features. 

Therefore, if there are certain features that you need for your artwork, ensure you check before you buy the tablet.

Some advanced features include tilt sensitivity, multi-touch display, a sensor to tell the angle of the pen, and many others.

Finally, ensure you check the extra features that come with every type of drawing tablet before getting one. 

It is also important to note that advanced features come with extra cost. 

So check your budget as well to ensure you get the best graphics tablet for your needs.

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