The XP Pen Star05 Tablet Review: New Horizons

Posted in Drawing Tablets on March 5, 2018


Since I was a little, I have always loved art. Even when I was two years old, I would spend a lot of time drawing in coloring books and on plain sheets of paper.

My parents were always amazed at my creativity and my unique passion for drawing, and, they encouraged me to pursue it.

The XP Pen Star05 Tablet Review

I took all the art classes throughout elementary school and high school, but it wasn't until I was 18 years old that I realized I could make it a career.

What interests me most is the way technology has complemented artists and how all my creations can now be put onto a computer and shared with people around the world.

Usually, when people think of artists, they think of someone painting or drawing. But people don't see how art is all around them.

Representing Art in Different Ways


Any logo or any branding has been created by an artist; whether it be the famous McDonald's arches or the Starbucks Mermaid, there is an artist behind that.

That is what I was interested in, along with painting my pieces and decided to invest in a graphics drawing tablet when they first came out.

Many artists feared these devices, but not me!

I believed they added to the art and gave me the ability to make a living drawing from home and sending my ideas to people around the world.

There are so many brands of graphics drawing tablets available on the market today that it can be a difficult task to find the one that works best for you, especially if you are a beginner.

One tablet on the market right now is the XP Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4G Graphics Drawing Tablet. But is it a good one to get?

And if so, is it going to cost you a fortune?


The XP Pen Star 05 Wireless 2.4G Graphics Drawing Tablet comes with a variety of features to meet all your creative and artistic needs.

These features include:

  • Can be used wirelessly or wired through a USB port
  • You can put the USB receiver, that comes with the package, right into the computer, and draw wirelessly through the ISM 2.4G and FHSS
  • This device comes with a USB cable to connect to your computer to draw in the standard wired way
  • Is equipped with a built-in lithium battery
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Only takes 2.5 hours to get a maximum charge that can last up to 14 hours
  • The stylus is cell-free and equipped with levels of pressure of 2048
  • Stylus never needs to be charged, so it will never disrupt you in the middle of your work
  • Six shortcut keys immediately respond to your touch
  • These shortcuts take you right to whatever functions on the tablet you regularly use (whether it be an eraser, color tool, etc.)
  • The working area measures 8" x 5" so you can draw and paint with maximum comfort
  • Can work with computer systems such as Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Mac 10.7 or above operating systems
  • Can work with the best drawing computer software such as Photoshop, Paint tool Sai, Clip Studio Paint, etc. (and many more)


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Great drawing space
  • The stylus does not need charging; it will never interrupt
  • Long battery life
  • Can be used both wirelessly and wired
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Hooks up easily to Photoshop
  • Shortcut keys are a great way to save time
  • Fantastic for beginners
  • Can be customizable
  • Battery lasts a long time when fully charged


  • Installation disc did not work (had to download drivers from the Internet)
  • Is a less expensive model, so may not be as high-definition as professionals would like


Let me first say that I am by no means a technological expert.

I am first and foremost an artist, and I use graphics drawing tablets to expand my artistic ability and to get my work on the computer.

As I say with any review that I write about products, especially those that deal with creativity such as graphics drawing tablets, it all comes down to personal preference.

Even though I might recommend something and think it's great, it may not work for your skill set or skill level.

When it comes to buying one, I always suggest that you do a test run first to see if this is for you.

Try Before you Buy


Not every artist enjoys drawing onto a computer, and I want to make sure you don't waste your money on a product that is going to go to waste.

Many local art stores allow you to rent out graphics tablets, even for just a week, so try that; see if you like it, and then go and make the purchase.

I strongly recommend buying the XP Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4G Graphics Drawing Tablet as it is so affordable, especially for beginners.

This drawing tablet gives you everything you need, including fantastic features such as a stylus that does not require charging, shortcut buttons, and incredible battery life.

It is pressure sensitive and can pick up on the details you want through your artwork. If you're looking for the latest edition of the XP Pen star series, read about the XP Pen Star06 Graphics Tablet (Drawing Force).

The only con I found with it was the installation disc did not work, but that was an easy fix and shouldn't push you away from buying this product.

For professionals, this tablet may not be a state of the art as you would like and does not offer many features to deal with high definition.

However, I have found it to be a great back-up drawing tablet to have (especially on the road) as it gets the job done and is an inexpensive buy.

There are many other quality brand tablets with similar features, press the button below.

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