The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 - Review

Posted in Drawing Tablets on March 17, 2018


The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 is the new model introduced by Wacom for anyone whose profession is painting, photo editing, and drawing.

Show your creative side with this new drawing tablet.

Whether you are a first time user or a professional, the tablet will fit all your needs and will give you an experience of drawing in your drawing book.

The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 Review

Explore the different features of Wacom Intuos and know what it has to offer to the creative designers.


  • 4K Pen

Show your creative side with the 4K pen of the tablet. The sleek design of the pen makes it easy to hold and draw.

For artists, this tablet will give the best experience when you start the drawing.

It gives a natural feel of holding a pencil. Draw as long as you want without straining your fingers and hand.

The lack of battery in pen saves you from the trouble of charging it regularly. The pen nib is replaceable and easy to remove.

  • Carry The Tablet With You

 The Wacom Intuos CTL4100WLK0 tablet is 0.35 inches high, 7.87 inches wide and weighs only 250 grams.

The small and compact size of the tablet makes it easy for you to carry it to your workplace.

If you have limited workspace area don't worry, the tablet's design is made to fit in small places.

Whether you are left handed or right handed, you can quickly work on the tablet without difficulty.

  • Express Key

For creative workers, shortcut keys are vital because it makes their work fast, quick and saves a lot of your time searching your tablet for applications.

While keeping the needs of designers in mind, this tablet comes with four customizable express keys.

Keep your most use keys like undo, copy and paste at your reach and improve your work efficiency.

So while you are working with your right hand, you can use your left side of the shortcut keys.

  • Free Softwares

Explore your passion and enhance your creativity with this tablet. It comes with three free software applications.

There is the Corel-Painter Essentials-6 for painting and drawing. It has a variety of options which you can use to give your work a hand painted look.

Corel-AfterShot 3 for photo editing.
Make your photos merely awesome with this software before uploading it to Facebook.

And with Clip-Studio Paint-Pro, you can give your painting a life by giving it a 3D effect.

This software comes with two years of license, and the tablet is compatible with other software as well.

  • Touch Screen

Work smoothly with the touchscreen on the tablet. Swipe the images left and right, drag and drop at a particular position.


Tilt the image or delete it if not required, all these within minutes.

Make your color brush large or small depending on your requirement.

Zoom your work window in and out to give it an elegant finish.

Adjust the brightness of the screen quickly.

The screen recognizes the pen nib from a 7mm height. The best feature for a free hand drawing.

  • Bluetooth

Connecting the tablet to another device is an important feature.

The tablet comes with a built-in Bluetooth feature so you can easily share your work or watch it on a big desktop screen while you keep it on your lap and work.

A creative design needs lots of concentration and working on a big desktop or laptop screen is not feasible.

It, in fact, does not give you the feeling of actual drawing.

With this tablet, you will feel like you are drawing or painting on a piece of paper.

  • Cost Effective

As compared to getting a touchscreen display for your professional requirement, or working with art and drawing on screens which can be a substantial investment.

Getting this tablet to work with your existing display will be very cost effective.

All the other models of this tablet are reasonably priced as well and quite competitive with the other tablets available in the market.

The All in One Drawing Tablet from Wacom

The tablet is best for creative artists (including people who love freehand drawing and painting) and photo editors.

With all the features combined, the tablet will give you an excellent experience; you can easily carry it with you.

While you are traveling or sitting in your work area, you can capture the beautiful landscape on your tablet.

The tablet comes with a USB cable so you can easily connect it with your camera as well as your phone or PC and transfer your work within seconds.

New Technological Advances


The Wacom CTL4100WLK0 tablet will add magic to your work.

When you draw a picture on a paper and make an error, you erase it or throw it and start fresh.

While painting, you have to use different color combinations, and on the paper, you cannot change the color, if you do not like.

 It's entirely different from the tablet.

You can restore the previous version, compare it with the new one and if it needs improvement, you quickly do the needful.

Store your work and revisit it if needed.

Work becomes more accessible with the tablet because it acts as your drawing book.

On paper, there will always be limitations, and you cannot undo your work.


  • 30 days return policy
  • The tablet comes with a quick start guide
  • You get three replaceable pen nibs with the tablet
  • Gives a smooth drawing experience even to freshers
  • Sleek design and large drawing area


  • Although the tablet recognizes the input from the pen, it does not support multi-touch.
  • Comes in only two colors Black and Pistachio
  • The tablet is not suitable for general day to day work on your non-art related interface


Something to keep in mind before purchasing this tablet is the type of software you need.

There are three different types of software available to you when you buy this new version.

You will be able to choose the following software:

With the small Bluetooth enabled Wacom tablet, you get to choose only two software packages.

 However if you decided to purchase the medium bluetooth enabled sized tablet, you get all three software bundles.

If you have held your thoughts on buying a tablet for your projects, this is the best time to take advantage of the latest Wacom technology.

The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 is all you will ever need to make your job look professional.

If you love to draw by taking inspiration from nature and nearby surroundings, take this tablet with you and begin your adventures.

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