The Ultimate Guide To Art In Halloween

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Some people may say, well it's just another holiday, there's no real art in Halloween.

But that's the problem, there are lots of art to discover, from bold beautiful colors and designs, to holiday traditions like candy and costumes.

Let's unmask Halloween and put aside the scary and dark side for a minute so that we can concentrate on the colorful side.

The traditional colors for Halloween are black, brown and orange mostly due to the fall season.

If we go out during the middle of fall, we would see trees and other plants with similar colors and even brighter colors like yellow and mustard.

Now add a variety of Halloween costumes and candy like red, bright green and white into the combination of colors.

This gives us a wide variety of color combinations to add to our traditional colors.

Being creative means taking these combinations of colors and creating art designs that capture the audience's attention.

Designing in Halloween

If we take a look at a fantasy magazine or book, we can see dark colors like blue or purple, become bright and spectacular.

There's no need to ruin the color scheme by adding bright colors like yellow or white, using the same dark colors, we can create stunning art.

Picture yourself walking through a dark green forest at night, all you see is the moon above you shining bright.

The colors of the trees and ground are pale brown, but looking across a near by lake, the reflection of the moon gives light to the green forest.

Now the trees and bushes seem to give out a glowing green light that reflects beautifully around them.

Think of neon signs, they glow very bright even with dark colors like blue, green, red, or brown.

Now imaging placing a dark green neon light on the floor where you step on, this will turn a dull scene into a place of mystery and beauty.

There are so many ways to make Halloween a great place to design art, like the different types of costumes and monster designs.

Costumes and Monsters

Costumes come in different shapes and sizes, from dark pale colors, to bright and shiny with glitter.

Combine your costume's color with body paint or a mask to create a different type of character style that no one has seen before.

Black is perfect to combine with bright shiny colors which gives a strong contrast and daring look.

White is also great to mix different color combinations, but the only bad part is that it gets dirty too quickly, especially if you are wearing body paint.

Halloween monsters come in a variety of colors including purple, green, orange, red, black and yes, even pink.

I like seeing them in dark blue, dark green and dark purple because it makes them look mysterious and creepy.

Try drawing a haunted house in the night with a pale dark blue color background and a medium sized light blue moon in the rear.

Now add some bats flying across the moon with a huge vampire standing in front of the dark black house.

Creating Monsters

My favorite part of Halloween is being able to draw some of the spookiest and scariest monsters from movies and books.

Some of these monsters include vampires, ghosts, ghouls, mummies, undead, spirits, demons, and many more.

So what if I wanted to design my own monster, what do I need to get started drawing my own monsters?

Really all you need is your own imagination and a taste of creativity and you will be able to draw unique monsters.

I suggest grabbing bits and pieces from various monsters and try combining them together to build something new.

For example; you can use a sea serpent's body and add three heads to make it look scarier.

Remember the scary three headed dog from the movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone”?

With so many monsters to choose from, I am betting that you can come up with something very unique and new.

After designing your scary monster, you should draw a scary background to go with your animated character.

Drawing Scary Scenes

Designing just about anything from characters to backgrounds, we must let our imaginations run free.

Decide what is scary to you, then draw it on your paper to see how it looks.

Keep it simple so people can recognize what you are trying to say, the less confusion, the better it will be.

Pick colors that will match your overall theme, this will allow you to send a strong message to your viewers.

There are plenty of scary places to pick; for example, the cemetery is one of my favorite scary places to draw.

A cemetery background communicates mystery, silence and death alerting the viewers that this is a scary scene.

So if you draw a green ghost rising from a grave and a black cat sitting on a tomb stone with the moon shining right behind it, you have just created a scary background.

A great way to generate ideas is to watch movies or cartoons with scary stories.

So if someone tells you there's no art in Halloween, tell them to look at different types of monsters and see how each one is colorful and well-designed.

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