The Huion Micro USB Drawing Tablet Review

Posted in Drawing Tablets on October 10, 2016


The Huion Micro USB Drawing Big Size Graphics Tablet can make work and travel easier.

It is the right size for working on the go and can be used almost anywhere.

It is equipped with a pen for tedious clicking and drawing preferences.

The Huion Micro USB Drawing Tablet Review

The drawing tablet can be used for a variety of jobs, games, educational assignments, and crafty art design.

The application is constructed for people who may be involved in illustrating, picture editing, drawing, architectural design, and animation illustration.

It can be used for kids and adults who enjoy the world of creation, artistry, and fun.


The Huion Micro USB Drawing Big Size Graphics Tablet has many features that are useful.

The size and shape of the tablet is a perfect size.

It can be carried in a bag, handbag, backpack, or luggage for traveling convenience.

Other features are helpful for hours of work and fun.

  • Professional Performance - The tablet is equipped with a 2,048 Level pressure sensitive feature. The level sensitivity gives the user more control while drawing or perfecting, and artistic design. The 5,080 LPI resolution can improve vision and effects while working in different types of lighting. The 5,080 lines per inch bring a clearer visual image to the creation that is being made on the tablet. The built-in 8G SD Card offers room for an abundance of projects, artwork, and illustrations to be saved securely on the tablet. The 8G ample storage space is perfect for numerous projects, files, and anything that needs to be saved for later reference. The tablet comes with a micro USB port and cable for quick and sufficient charging capabilities.
  • Keys - This tablet allows users to customize the keys to fit their needs. This feature can be beneficial to users because it would allow them to work more efficiently and smoothly without delay. The 16 function keys and 12 express keys are all programmable to the user’s preference. Work and play have never been more enjoyable with customizable keys that allow functions to be performed with one click.
  • Pen - This pen is rechargeable and can continuously be used with this feature. It works just like a regular pen used with paper and can also have the feel of a computer pen as well. It is great to use for drawing and a variety of artwork because the user can control the pen with ease. Once the pen has been completely charged for two hours it will work for approximately 450 hours of drawing ability. This ergonomic pen is light and will not make the hand cramp after a short time of using it. The pen is easier to keep track of without losing it because of the pen slot holds it in place on the side of the tablet.
  • Hand use - It does not matter if the user is a left-handed individual or a right-handed individual when using this device. The default is set for right handed, but those who are left handed can change the settings on the platform under the settings feature. It is compatible with a lot of art and illustration software.


  • The pen pressure points are easy to set up and test out
  • It comes with programs that are helpful and used for drawing features
  • The pen had no lag or skipping during the pressure test
  • It was easy to set the setting to fit my needs
  • The tablet comes with extra nibs, glove, cap, and other items to use with convenient storage
  • The Micro SD card comes with the tablet and can be removed to put in a 64G if needed
  • The programmable keys are wonderful when using Photoshop


  • The directions did not match the device
  • USB cord is relatively short
  • Pressure point was not easy to figure out and adjust properly


The Huion Graphic Tablet has great features for a low price.

The size and features of the tablet can be compared to the Wacom Intuos tablet.

Some of the features are similar, but the Huion has more features which work better for the user.

The programmable keys and pressure setting are included in the Huion which make drawing and artwork easier to create.

The Boogie Board is a nice device for small drawing and writing projects, but the Huion has superb options for professionals to use.

The Huion comes with professional high-quality features and programs to assist with enhanced drawing effects.


The Huion Micro USB Drawing Big Size Graphic Tablet is equipped with tools and features for customers drawing and design needs.

It is easy to carry and has a built-in USB charging port with detachable cord for easy use.

The tablet is compatible with many platforms. It is equipped with an SD card slot that includes an 8G card.

Customers who have purchased this product were impressed with the quality and capabilities this tablet has.

Overall, this graphics tablet is a great choice for professionals and beginners to use.

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