The Free Hand Professional Art Set Review

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Developed in late 2017, the FreeHand Professional Art set was created by a reliable manufacturer whose primary goal is to deliver affordable products for professional artists worldwide.

This kit is both a sketch and drawing kit that can be used right away after you open the box.

It comes with a medium-weight sketch pad and professional sketching paper that never smudges.

The FreeHand Professional Art Set is a full set that comes with pencils, paper, sharpeners, erasers and so much more!

This is also a travel sized kit that has been intended with going mobile, so you can take it on the road.

This is a fairly new

set, and is one of the latest ones that have been developed by FreeHand.

They have taken suggestions given on their former products to produce an affordable product tailored for professionals in the industry.

This also comes with Free Hand’s quality guarantee, and if it does not meet your standards you can return it for a full refund.

Who is this product for?

Just look at the title of this product and you can see who it’s for: professionals.

FreeHand understands that even though you are a professional artist you may not have the money necessary to spend a fortune on a new set.

This set is affordable, and it can also be used by beginners.

There will be somewhat of a learning curve, but that is what art is all about: trying new things and seeing what works.

What’s included?

The set comes with 12 premium graphite pencils; 100 sheets of paper; 1 Ultra Soft All Graphite Woodless Pencil; 2 sharpeners for both graphite/charcoal; three charcoal pencils ranging from soft to hard; 3 graphite sticks; 3 charcoal sticks; one kneaded eraser; 1 vinyl eraser; 1 sandpaper block; 3 paper blending stumps; 1 pencil extender; and an art knife, it is all housed within a small travel case that measures 10.8 inches by 8.3 inches by 2 inches.

Overview of features

There are a lot of new pencil sets on the market that do not come with sketch paper.

It may not be something that you feel like is important, as the paper is endless, but sketch paper feels different.

The sketch pad that comes with this set is incredible to use, especially with the pencils. It is just thick enough to create high-end illustrations.

The pencils themselves are fantastic and have a non-slip grip.

I love how many options there as they both write and draw beautifully.

If you are looking for a pencil and shading set, this is going to be it.

How to get the most out of it

To get the most out of this set, it is ideal that you take the time to understand the different pencil techniques and how and when to use them.

It will help you create much more detailed work, and you can work extensively on your shadowing skills as well.

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on it.

We recommend starting out with just using the pencils and then moving into using the charcoal and the other items in the kit to expand your repertoire and your knowledge of sketch-based art.


The downside to buying a kit like this is that it lacks color. There are sets out there with pencils, and colored ones as well.

The US Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set is one that comes with pastels, pencils, colored pencils and so much more for just one low price.

The pencils are not as high quality as the Free Handset, however.


The FreeHand Professional Art set is going to elevate your sketches to new levels by giving you the tools to incorporate high-quality pencil and charcoal sketching in your artwork.

We think this is a great set for any professional and any beginner artist who wants an affordable travel kit of high quality.

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