The Art 101 142 Piece Wood Art Set Analysis

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If you would like your children to begin drawing or you are an art fan, having an art set is essential.

A good art set contains all the required supplies to help you or the young artist enter the world of art.

The art kits include professional and armature tools for people who love art.

One of the most recommended art sets is the Art 101 142 Piece Wood Art Set.

The Art 101 Art Set is one of the most affordable and advanced art kits.

It is a set that contains various drawing tools and supplies to take your coloring and drawing to the next level.

Even though it is not popular in the professional art world, it is a pack that is loved by many learners for its great suppliers, unique look and fantastic design.

Who uses this art set?

The Art 101 142 Piece Wood Art Set has everything a promising artist need to become an expert.

From pencils to pastels and paints, the kit is complete.

It is designed for art students, young artists, children, and professionals.

If you are looking for a nice gift to give to an up-and-coming artist, the Art 101 Art Set is a nice package.

The case looks good, it has a sliding drawer to hide some supplies, and it is affordable for an artist on a tight budget.

With 142 pieces, you can be assured to learn a lot from these supplies.

Also, the box has enough storage space for its pieces.

Artists from the age of six and up can benefit a lot from the set.

It has excellent art materials to provide budding artists the mind of creativity.

With 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels and 60 colored crayons, this is a remarkable kit for art students.

The artists can prefer to draw, color, paint, or mix the colors.

However, the kit is not recommended for small kids, especially those below six years.

Several small parts present a choking hazard.

Hence, if you have kids below three years old, do not let them use the supplies or come near the kit unsupervised.

What is included in the Art 101 Set?

If you are looking for a model art set that contains all the needed art supplies, the Art 101 Wood Art Set is excellent.

The kit is made for artists from the age of 6 to young adults who love drawing and painting.

The set is easy to use, and all the materials and tools are well arranged.

Whether you love coloring or drawing, the kit is a good choice.

There are many pieces in the set to help you achieve your art goals.

There are 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 60 crayons and other pieces for advanced and beginner artists.

Other parts include 24 watercolor cakes, three mixing palettes, and one eraser.

Also, the kit has one sharpener, 2 sketch pencils, 2 paint brushes, one color chart, and a wooden case that has a drawer.

The case has extra space for more pieces, and it is well-designed to motivate young artists.

A useful mixing pallet is an outstanding tool for artists who work with paints.

Also, the pieces are well-placed to help your little artist use them whenever an art idea pops up.

With this set, you as a simple artist can easily advance into a great artist.

The Art Wood Art Set is an excellent product for both expert and beginning artists. But it has some drawbacks.

Some advanced artists feel that the crayons, and other art supplies are not high-quality.

The pencils can break easily, especially when moving the box from one location to another.

Also, the wooden case does not have a carrying handle.

This means it is hard to carry the box when moving and the pieces inside can break.

However, the box is durable, sturdy and well-designed.

Overview of features

The Art 101 142 Piece Wood Art Set is a fantastic product to own.

It has quality pieces that are excellent for both beginners and advanced artists.

The set has 24 colored pencils that are perfect for any artist.

They blend well, are of high-quality and lay down effectively.

With the coloring pencil set, you do not need to buy extra pencils.

The set has an assortment of pieces for drawing and coloring purposes.

The 142 piece set includes 60 colorful crayons and 24 oil pastels for a variety of materials.

As an example, you can use the sketch pencils as the base of your drawing and then decorate it with alternative mediums.

The wooden carrying box is well-designed and unique.

You can use it to store your supplies when moving or arrange them when not in use.

The plate ensures that all pieces are neat, organized and easy to access.

The availability of a drawer is another great feature.

It provides security even for the most fragile items.

Being one of the most advanced art sets for kids and beginning artists, it comes with a color chart.

The chart helps children to mix various colors to achieve different effects.

This helps them become creative, inspired and better artists.

How to use the Art 101 142 Piece Wood Art Set

The Art 142 Piece Art kit is a perfect tool to take your coloring and drawing to the next level.

This art kit is easy to use, simple to access, and all the tools are organized.

You can start by drawing, painting or coloring your images.

And with a color chart, combing colors can be easy and educational.

Alternatives Products

When looking for an art kit, the Art 101 Set might be the first you notice.

It has a unique wooden casing that is very attractive.

Besides, you will not be disappointed with the 142 art pieces available.

But not everyone may be pleased with the supplies, especially the advanced artists.

The crayons and oil colors might not be perfect for professional tasks.

If you feel this product is not worth it, there are several alternative products you may consider.

Some alternative products are the 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set and Professional Art Kit.


When choosing an art set for beginners, research on the manufacture of each art supply.

Anyone can put together an art set with cheap materials.

That's why it's important to know a little about quality art supply brands.

Some art supplies are better than others, but knowing the top brands is the key.

If you have questions or suggestions about this art set, please leave them below.

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