Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Marker (Review)

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The Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers are great for crafting and multipurpose use.

Coloring with markers is fun and educational. They are easy to use and reliable for different art. 

However, the desire for every artist is to have a good set that is durable, safe and helpful for artwork.

If you are searching for quality markers for your kids, consider Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers. 

This set is among the most popular art markers on the market. They designed the markers for both adults and kids. Since they are dual tips, you can use them for different assignments. 

They are also available in various colors effective for several projects.

Who can use the Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers?

Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers have high quality and reliability. They are preferred by kids and art students. However, professional artists have been using them.

One of the main reasons people prefer Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers is because they provide outstanding output. 

The well recognized Shuttle Art markers last long. They also have a wide range of colors that help young artists become imaginative when coloring. 

Hence, if you are looking for nice permanent markers for an innovative project or just for your kids, Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers are good.

But not everyone recommends these markers. Even though they have been designed to be used by everyone, the quality is disappointing, especially for professional users. 

The quality of the colors is not pleasing to qualified artists. In addition, most of the colors are the same. It might not be a good package for skilled artists.

What is inside the Shuttle Art Package?

Shuttle Art markers are great for beginners and children. 

This is because the package is affordable and contains several colors needed by children to kick-start their artwork or to enhance creativity.

The package contains 88 art makers that have a unique cap stamped with a color number. 

This means it is easier for your children to identify the colors to use at a specific time. 

In addition, the dual tips of 7mm and 1mm are excellent for various tasks that include general writing, sketching, bullet points, highlights, shadows, and many others.

They design shuttle Art 88 Colors to make coloring a fun activity for young artists. 

All colors are safe to use, non-toxic, and acid-free. This means they will consider the safety of children. 

So, if you are looking for ideal markers for manga, design, homework, drawing embellishments or illustration, try Shuttle Art Art Markers.

Not everyone is happy with the items inside the package. For instance, the quality of the colors is not the best. 

They dry fast and not good for professional obligations. In addition, they come with a cheap case that does not hold them properly. 

The bag and the zipper are not well-built and can disappoint anytime.

Dual Tip Marker Features

Shuttle Art Dual Tip Art Markers have many features that make them suitable for artists. 

If you want to use them on various surfaces, these markers are excellent. 

This is because you can use them on wood, glass, ceramic, cloths, and paper among other basics.

They grade the markers for 300 minutes of constant use. 

This means you can use them on a big project as they offer a huge amount of ink. 

In addition, the pens are well-designed, easy to use and very comfortable.

The unique shape also prevents the markers from rolling off smooth surfaces.

In addition, the markers are dual tips. This means you can use them for highlights, sketching, bullet points, shadows, and general writing.

Another great feature is that it packs them in a zipped case. 

This means it's easy to store them and for travel. Therefore, if you normally carry your artwork materials while traveling, this is a nice package.

The Shuttle Art Markers blend well. 

They do not leave lines behind and they dry quick. Since there are 88 different markers, blending colors is easy and effective. 

This means you will create unique artwork every time.

Shuttle dual tip art markers are easy to identify because they have a unique coloring system.

Whether you want to create an illustration or a colored chart, these markers will impress. 

They are safe to use acid-free and non-toxic.

How to Use the Dual Tip Markers

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, you can comfortably use them. 

To use them, you need to read the individual marker cap for the color number.

They are all well labeled to help you pick the best color for your tasks. 

Once you are done, users can store them in the black zipped-case. 

Artists can use them on papers, ceramic, glass, cloth, wood, and other surfaces.

Alternatives Products

Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers are a nice set that comes with a well-organized case for storage. 

The markers are of good quality and of exciting colors. 

They are comfortable to hold and do not roll away like other markers. In addition, they show the caps of the markers to help you find specific colors.

However, if you want alternative solutions, check out the Shuttle Art 56 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens Art Markers, Brush Tip with Fineliner 0.4 Markers Pen Set for adult coloring books Bullet Journal.

Dual Tip Brush Pen Art Markers - 60 Colors + Custom Case - Professional Artist Set For Adult Coloring Books, Bullet Journal, Sketching, and More!

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