Royal Langnickel Easel Artist Set - Review

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A drawing set has become an essential product in many homes.

Kids and art enthusiasts spend considerable time drawing or painting their favorite TV cartoons.

Hence, it is a beautiful idea to have a drawing kit in your family.

If you are shopping for an art set for your children or yourself, you need to pick one that is durable and reliable.

Great for Beginners

Royal langnickel easel artist set is suitable for beginners and intermediate artists.

It is a perfect kit to help you enhance your art skills and a good brand to consider.

The set contains the most required art supplies to help you kick-start your art life.

Royal Langnickel is well-known for designing great art supplies.

It caters for artists at different levels, including children and professionals.

Whether you want a kit for your home, traveling or studio, the Royal Langnickel- All Media can provide great creativity.

Who can use the Langnickel Artist Set?

The Royal Langnickel- All Media is an art kit that is ideal for passionate artists, art students, traveling artists, and children.

While searching for a reliable art kit, you need to consider this brand.

It contains many art pieces for painting and drawing that are well arranged in a wooden case.

If you love to draw or paint while traveling, you will find this art set very helpful.

The Langnickel kit has important art supplies you may need.

An Attractive Wooden Case

This Royal Langnickel art kit is enclosed in a wooden box that is exclusive and very attractive.

It is made of high-quality wood to keep all the tools safe and secure.

Moreover, it can transform into an easel for traveling artists.

Many amateur artists prefer the kit as it helps them to advance their skills.

And since it comes with a user guide, it helps people to get started quickly.

Also, it has an illustration book to direct any artist accordingly.

Although the packing and the supplies are excellent, some drawers may have issues when opening and closing.

You may be required to apply a lot of force to open them.

If you ordered a set and the drawers are stuck, return it immediately.

This might be disappointing for children, and some pieces can get damaged.

What is included in the Royal Langnickel All Media Set?

The Royal All Media set is a unique package that contains different tools.

All the required tools for drawing and painting are included in the package.

From the oil pastels to sharpeners and other essential pieces, this art set is worth considering.

Apart from having some good art supplies, the box is robust, well-compressed and easy to carry.

The wooden box has enough space for all the art supplies.

At the same time, it has a handle for flexible movement from one location to another.

Some pieces contained in the set are:

  • 2 color pencils
  • 6 graphite pencils
  • 1 stretching pad
  • 3 blending stumps
  • 1 sanding block
  • One white eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • 3 charcoal pencils
  • One manikin
  • A sketching beginner guide

Perfect for Art Students

Based on the above pieces, the kit is designed for students, kids, and people who are passionate about art.

Young kids can benefit a lot from the set. However, some small pieces pose a hazard to small children.

Hence, this kit is not recommended for children under three years old.

But generally, the set is worthy for anyone shopping for an art set.

The package has a well-organized arrangement to make it easy for accessing tools or returning them.

But not everyone is pleased with the Royal Langnickel All Media art set.

Several customers have criticized the wooden box.

Some believe it is made of cheap wood and the easel does not serve the purpose as required.

Also, if the pieces are not well packed, they can quickly get out of place.

Serious users recommend a more professional case in the future.

Overview of features

It is inspiring when an artist uses the right drawing pieces. It motivates and helps improve skills.

Happily, this art kit has the best supplies for all levels.

It is a convenient kit to take when you are traveling.

These tools are made and designed for children, students, hobbyists and fans.

The Langnickel art set comes in a wood box.

The case was designed extensively to ensure everything fits well.

Users can carry the case while traveling or use it at their studios.

The case has a lid and 2 drawers that are used to keep all the supplies safe and secure.

The kit includes art pieces used for drawing and painting.

From oil paints to watercolor paints to oil pastels and acrylic paints, there's a variety of mediums.

It also has a guide and an instruction book to help newbies get started with their art projects.

A large percent of people choose the Royal Langnickel set as a gift to promising artists.

The kit has tools, materials, a guide, and can transform into an easel for traveling artists.

How to use the Royal Langnickel- All Media

This art set is great for children and adults learning how to paint.

This art kit is designed by professionals who understand the needs of different types of artists.

Therefore, using the kit is easy and very simple.

The availability of a user-guide helps to direct new artists on how to start, and the instruction book makes it easy to perform different art projects.

Alternatives products

If you are looking for an excellent way to inspire your favorite artist, the best gift you can give them is an art kit.

The Royal Langnickel All Media art kit is a good option.

This set has a mixture of tools and materials any artist would like.

But if you want to consider other alternative products, you can check out the US Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set or the Art 101 142 Piece Wood Art Set.


This art kit is especially good for traveling artists.

Since the wooden box can turn into an easel, it makes it practical for long trips.

If you order and receive this art kit with damaged drawers, please send it back immediately.

Drawer problems usually get worse over time.

Overall, this is a great starter-kit for anyone learning about art.

Do you own this art kit? Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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