Reviewing the Professional Art Kit Drawing Set

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Most artists need a complete art collection. Hence, a drawing set with all the tools and supplies is essential in the art world.

From crayons to coloring pencils to oils, having art supplies all in one set is the first priority for any artist.

The Professional Art Kit Sketching & Drawing Set is a fantastic kit that has the popular art tools you need.

The supplies come in a well-organized case that is compact and easy to get the materials required.

The package is affordable, and the pieces are of high-quality for simple artwork and professional projects.

The pack contains a wide variety of pencils, graphite, charcoals, and other basics for an amateur and intermediate artist.

Who should use this Professional Art Kit?

This Sketching & Drawing Set is a drawing set made for both beginners or hobbyist.

The kit has a variety of supplies needed to finish an art project.

Just as the name suggests, all the tools and materials are of professional quality.

It comes with graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, charcoal sticks, a sharpener, a metal art knife, and many other essential tools.

This allows professionals to finish their projects with ease and beginners become creative.

This art kit is also handy for traveling. Since most artists love to move with their tools, the package comes in a high-quality zipped case for easier transporting.

It also makes a classy gift to any art fan.

The Professional Art Kit Sketching & Drawing Set is designed and made by artists.

Hand-picked by Professionals

This means it is a perfect package for anyone who wants to advance his or her art skills.

With so many supplies available, you can paint, draw and color with high-quality items.

Nevertheless, some artists feel that this package is not as reliable as expected.

Some tools such as the pencils may arrive damaged.

Also, the quality of the supplies does not match that of other durable mediums.

However, it is a nice set for beginners or art students.

What is included in the Professional Art Kit Sketching & Drawing Set?

This Professional Art Sketching Set is made by professional artists.

This means they understand artist needs and the best tools needed for different projects.

With the kit, you can draw, color, and shade your designs.

The basic items you will find inside the Art Kit Drawing Set include:

  • 12 Premium graphite pencils
  • Three charcoal pencils
  • One ultra-soft graphite wood-less pencil.
  • Three charcoal sticks
  • Three graphite sticks
  • A kneaded eraser
  • One metal art knife
  • One white vinyl eraser
  • Three blending stumps
  • One pencil extender
  • And many more art supplies

After purchasing the set, you receive a link via the email that will take you to an educational e Book.

Educational Materials Included

The book will kick start your creativity by showing users what can be done with this art set.

The e Book is essential to amateurs or people who would like to learn more about using these supplies.

The well-designed case has various pockets to help you keep all art pieces safe.

It is also zipped and boxed to make it easier for someone who wants to wrap it as a gift.

Due to small pieces available on the kit, kids below three years old should only use the items under supervision.

An affordable Art Set

Apart from being one of the best art sets in the market, the Professional Sketching Set is very affordable.

All the pieces in the kit are of high-quality and can be used by any artist in any level.

However, some artists complained about the cheap charcoal pencils.

At the same time, the pencil extender should have been better.

Also, a white charcoal pencil could have been included in the pack.

But generally, the set is very useful for all types of artwork.

Overview of features

This Drawing Set is a full compact set for artists. It is designed for pros, students and amateurs.

Whether you have a big studio, a small studio or you are a traveling artist, the kit has important features you need.

With 12 graphite pencils and charcoal pencils, you are ready to start your art journey.

These materials are of high quality, and they are conveniently packed.

The pack also has graphite sticks and charcoal sticks to complete the set.

Many Quality Features

It is an excellent starter kit for art students or kids who love to draw.

And since professionals made the set, it has been tested to produce quality work.

Most customers liked the carrying case that is zipped for easier movement.

The capability of keeping items in a zipped case is a must-have feature for young artists and travelers.

Another benefit of this kit is the educational e Book.

It is beneficial for beginners just starting their art careers.

The Professional Art Kit's price is affordable for beginners or someone looking for a creative gift.

It has most of the art tools needed to begin drawing.

How to use this drawing set

The Sketching & Drawing Set is one of the most straightforward art sets to use.

Whether you are new in art or a professional, you can start using the kit right away.

The pieces are conveniently arranged and easy to access.

For people who are very new to art or using art supplies, there is a free e Book that is sent via email.

The Simple Sketching Made Easy e Book is a brilliant addition that helps amateurs learn about drawing.

Alternatives products

The Professional Art Kit Sketching & Drawing Set is well organized in a beautiful package.

The case is made simple so that you don't struggle when taking out items.

It is also affordable for new artists or people who are on a budget.

Besides, the range of pencils included in the package are just right.

However, if you would like something better, check out the Royal Langnickel and Bellofy 33 Piece Professional Art Kit.


This basic drawing set is best for students, hobbyists, and intermediate users.

If you're a professional, you may not like the quality of some of these materials.

However, this art set is a great starting-point for beginners.

With the addition of the educational e book, this art kit is well worth it.

Would you like to know more about this art set? Please drop me a comment below, I would love to help.

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