Designing a Modern Apple Painting

Posted in Blog on December 27, 2016
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Modern Apple Painting

Corel Painter Essentials gives you all the tools you need to create dazzling works of art like this modern apple painting.

In this tutorial we will use the “modern painting” preset style and also I will show you how to use the “FX” and “Glow” tool.

Tools of the Trade

  • Corel Painter Essentials 5
  • A computer Mouse
  • Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet

Modern Apple Painting

The first task is to get familiar with the PHOTO PAINTING MENU located on the right side of the screen (see image).

For this painting, we will focus on the first two steps of the menu which are the “Choose a Photo” and “Auto-Paint”.

Choose an image by clicking on the BROWSE BUTTON and search for your photo on your computer.
Now go down to AUTO-PAINT and select the preset style MODERN PAINTING on the drop-down box.

Notice all the options you have to create unique types of paintings with different types of preset style templates.

Once you made your selection press the triangular START BUTTON to begin the drawing process.

Sit back and watch how Corel Painter automatically creates the image for you.

Modern Apple Painting in Corel Painter Essentials 5

My painting is complete but I want to add some highlights to certain areas of my picture.

To do this go to the PHOTO PAINTING BRUSHES menu on the left side of the screen (see image).

The brushes menu contains a variety of useful tools that will enhance your current photo.

My best advice is to experiment with all these tools and combine them with others to see their effects.
Select the FX TOOL and click on GLOW to start highlighting certain objects in the image as you see in the video.

At this stage, you can use your graphics tablet to add highlights to different parts of the object.

I used the glow effect to enhance the appearance of the apples and the reflection of the apples on the bottom of the table.

Tips and Suggestions

When using the “glow effect” pay attention to the opacity level on the top of the menu bar.

If the glow effect is too bright, it might not look realistic so you may want to lower the opacity intensity.

With your computer mouse, you can easily change the size of the tool by navigating to the top toolbar and increasing or decreasing the size of the FX tool.

To effectively use the glow effect tool, find bright areas in objects that you would like to enhance like reflections or light direction.

Why People Would Want to draw Digital Drawings of Apples

There are many ways that artists can use to create the environment that surrounds us. Some use soft materials, while others use hard materials. Some years back, a modern and a great method was introduced known as digital art.

Digital art is very similar to any other type of art. However, it is created using unique tools than traditional art.

What is digital art?

When it comes to art, computers, drawing tablets, and the internet have given birth to new options and professionals. Digital art is one of the most powerful tools artists can use to showcase their creativity. It also offers a clean work-space and freedom to make mistakes. The outcome is also professional and well presented.

However, art is not about tools. It is about the message, vision or the emotions of an artist. And one of the best platforms for artists to showcase their talent, vision, and emotions is through digital art. A drawing tablet or a computer is just a tool or a medium of art. But if well used, it can present some of the best paintings ever.

Most people view digital art as a simpler version of traditional art. Others view it as a graphics tablet that works magic to remove drawing mistakes. But being a digital artist is not an easy task. With digital art, you need a drawing tool, a computer, and a special drawing program. Even though the shift from traditional art to digital art was not welcome to many people, it has created a huge impact on the industry.

What are the benefits of digital art?

Some of the benefits of digital art include:• Convenience – with a drawing tablet and a PC, fifty percent of your work is already complete. You do not need to dedicate a lot of work or utilize too much space before you start your work.

If you have a PC you can start drawing.

• Eco-friendly – with digital art, you do not need to purchase or use a lot of drawing papers.

• Storage – since the drawing is done on the computer, one benefit is that you can save and store your work online. The possibility of misplacing your work is minimal.

• Free to make mistakes – with digital art, it is easy to rectify any mistakes by using the undo feature. Unlike the traditional art where it is so hard to ease even the smallest errors.

• Availability of image editing options – there are several programs that can help you edit your images. You can also export the images in different formats.

Digital art has proven to be more convenient compared to traditional art. Happily, there are many advanced programs and tool that helped to improve the experience. One area that most artists love about digital art is when drawing fruits, and especially apples.

Why People Would Want to draw Digital Drawings of Apples

Fruits and vegetables are among the favorite subjects when it comes to painting or drawing. Apart from looking good, they symbolize life, growth, and results. Fruits are generally life giver and also provide nutrients to us.

Hence, a painting of an apple means a lot to the artist and the general public as well.

Drawing a fruit such as an apple may look like a simple project. However, an artist needs to demonstrate different textures, from the rough skin to the smooth one. This means it is not as simple as most people may think.

However, digital art has simplified most of the things and it much easier to draw a digital drawing of apples and others.

Digital art offers numerous benefits over the traditional form of painting. For instance, if your idea is to have modern apple paintings, sketching is the first step.

Even though sketching on paper is a bit easy, the challenging part is transforming the idea into a good image. But when it comes to digital art, the sketch and the transformation of an image is quick, simpler and more professional.

With the development of digital programs, innovative pens, and great drawing tools, artists are able to create a digital drawing of apples and many other fruits.

One of the main reasons why many artists love to draw digital drawings of fruits is that digital art can be able to express the surfaces and the features of a fruit. Here are some of the reasons why most artists prefer digital drawings

Reasons why people love to draw digital drawings of apple (fruits)

1. Use of textures – one amazing reason why artists love to draw digital drawings of apples and other fruits is that they can be able to apply the texture to the images. This is a unique technique that helps to achieve the amazing texture of the fruits.

2. Availability of texture brushes – in digital art there is a wide range of textured brushes. The bushes are essential in creating touch needed in modern apple painting.

3. Easy to add light sources – most artists go through numerous portrait paintings in their careers. One of the common ones is the modern apple paintings. Happily, with digital art, it is possible to add some light and give your image more attractiveness.

4. Easy to filter – if you fail to paint the surface well, there are several simple ways you can fix the mistake. It is so easy to correct the error without interfering with the rest of the image.

5. Easy to show natural colors – for people who are not confident in painting skills, digital art is the best platform for them. It is easy to study natural colors and how to apply them to the image.

Bottom Line

Today, digital art is considered the easiest form of art. Many people painting apples and other fruits can confirm that it is not as complicated as other drawing forms.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is among the best.

With digital art, you can undo, erase and adjust colors. Any mistake can be removed and fixed in a short time. All you need is to choose the right drawing tools and programs to meet your needs.

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