A Simple List of Art Supplies for Drawing

Posted in Blog on August 1, 2018


Art is an amazing form because there are no rules. There are no guidelines to follow and it is all up to your personal interpretation and what skills you already have.

The best thing about art is that you continually grow and expand your talent every single year you work at it. In order to get your feet wet in the art world, you need to invest in supplies that are going to move you forward and keep your art as high quality as possible.

I’m going to walk you through a list of art supplies for drawing that are affordable and that you need to get started.

List of Art Supplies for Drawing

Why Drawing? As a beginner in the creation of art, or even if you are a professional looking for a way to go back to basics, we recommend always start by drawing.

This is the basis for all things art and it will establish skills that you can carry forward to all forms of art.

When drawing, you will learn the balance of lines, how to create depth, shadowing, and all things that will transform your art from beginner to professional.

Creating Your Environment

Before you purchase any art supplies for drawing, we recommend establishing an “art space” where you are going to do the majority of your work.

This is going to make it feel separate from the business of your everyday life. This space does not need to be big, it can even be a small section of a room, but it will definitely enhance your artwork and free you from distractions.

Make this space the primary area where you store all of your supplies in an organized way. Ensure that it has a lot of natural light and that it is a “technology-free zone.”

The environment you draw in will reflect the quality of your art so, we recommend taking some time to do this.

The Art Supplies You Need

To begin our list we are going to start with the most important art supply that you can use for drawing: a pencil. This is really taking it back to the base of where all art comes from – simply putting a pencil to paper.

Pencils are the perfect way to begin drawing because they enforce re-drawing and re-working things as an eraser is the second tool to have.

We recommend purchasing a full pencil kit, so you can have a variety of shades and line sizes that you can use. You can buy affordable pencil kits that come with more than 15 pencils that range from the darkest to the lightest.

You want pencils that range from 8B all the way to 5H and having an HB in the middle. This is going to develop your knowledge of what pencil to use when and will teach you the various sketching techniques.

Obviously, you can’t draw without paper. Paper is incredibly important to this process and you are going to want to find a paper that compliments your artistic style.

Some people cheap out on the paper and it reflects poorly on their work.

We recommend purchasing a good sketchbook with drawing/sketching paper. This paper is designed for artists and is at the perfect thickness to complement your drawing style.

To go along with your pencils, you should have a sharpener to keep them sharp, and a ruler with you to help with straight lines.

Pencil sets will also come with charcoal pencils and graphite/charcoal sticks, which will add a new layer to your drawings.

With every additional thing you add, there will be a learning curve with it. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube that will teach you for free.

Adding Color to Your Artwork

So now that you have all the base supplies for drawing it is time to get out of the black and white and add some color into your art.

The color really does bring something to life and there are multiple supplies you can purchase to elevate that artwork.

We recommend buying colored pencils and pastels to start out with when it comes to drawing. They are both easy to use, come in a variety of colors, and definitely will complement the sketches that you start out with a pencil.


You may see all of these supplies and be worried about how much they will cost. The good news is you can buy art sets with everything we mentioned above for under $50!

The key here is to find a great brand, which still produces high-quality supplies, at an affordable cost.

An artist is only as good as the tools they surround themselves with, so we recommend taking the time to do your research before making a final purchase on any of the supplies.




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