Is Adobe Cloud Software Worth it? Overview

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When Adobe decided to move from packaged software to the subscription-based program, many designers around the world thought there were after money.

But after some time, most people have realized that this was the best move.

This is because Adobe Cloud software is one of the best tools you need as a creative professional.

It comes with amazing applications and other benefits dedicated to loyal subscribers.

Adobe creative cloud Overview

Adobe Creative Cloud is a group of useful software applications from Adobe Systems.

It provides users with a wide range of applications used in video editing, graphic design, photography and web development.

With a monthly or annual subscription, members can use the software for all their creative tasks.


Users can easily download it from the internet, then install it directly to the computer.

However, you can only use it as long as your subscription is valid.

This program is a bit different from other subscription software.

This is because, if you are an Adobe Creative Cloud member, you enjoy numerous benefits that include removal of update subscription costs, removal of upfront expenses, able to access many apps and tools, sync, share, and storage.

Hence, for some businesses, it's more practical to subscribe to the program.

Some noticeable programs of Adobe Creative Cloud include:

• Photoshop – great for editing web, photos and mobile app designs. It is a good product for both students and photographers.

• Lightroom – with this product, you can organize, edit, store and share your items such as images from anywhere.

• InDesign – the software allows users to create amazing design layouts from anywhere.

• Illustrator – this is a powerful application that will help you craft appealing vectors and illustrations.

• Stock – inside Creative Cloud, members can access many high-quality images.

• Dreamweaver – this application is for web-designers. With this program, designers can create stunning websites including responsive page layouts.

• Muse – it works similar to a page-builder helping people to design websites without coding.


Creative Cloud is not only good for experienced users.

If you are a beginner, you can learn the basics with simple to use tools and tutorials.

Also, if you are experienced, there are more advanced features available for that professional touch.

Today, many creative professionals have subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud due to the benefits that come with each plan.

After downloading the first Adobe Creative Cloud product, it will install automatically.

But if you have Adobe application manager, it will update automatically.

You are able to download it manually if you desire.

With this software, you can access libraries, share files, manage thousands of fonts, design assets and also discover and showcase your creativity within the community.

With Adobe Creative Cloud, you can access all your work from anywhere in the world.

What are the main features of Adobe Creative Cloud?


Adobe Creative Cloud offers many helpful programs all bundled into one.

This creates a remarkable package for any business or educational institution.

If you have been searching for software that can assist you in creating tasks that include editing photos, designs or videos, Adobe Creative Cloud can help your business.

Here are some main features of Adobe Creative Cloud.


• Share & Sync files – you can sync your files from the computer to Adobe Cloud software, and then access them from anywhere.

These files will be directly available on your laptop, smartphone, and your Creativity Cloud file page.

You can easily view your files online, and once they have been synced, you do not have to be online to view them.

Users can access files with the Creative Cloud Files folder or directory on a computer.

• Add fonts from Typekit – with Creative Cloud, people can use the Typekit fonts feature. The tools offer access to a library of fonts to use on websites and in your desktop applications.

• Find access to the app – within the Adobe Creative Cloud application, you can search for image assets. If you are a designer, you can find illustrations, videos, vector graphics, and a collection of creative projects.

• Find design assets within the market - (ACC) has a wide collection of quality content for creatives. With the app, you can download more than 500 unique design assets every month. This amazing service helps to jump-start your creativity.

• Share & discover with Behance – displace and also discover creativity on Behance.


Once you become a member, you can make a portfolio of your work and then broadcast widely and efficiently.

You can access the latest designs and other projects from respected designers in various art fields.

Who uses Adobe Creative software?

Adobe Cloud is an outstanding application for beginners and experienced designers.

With great step-by-step lessons, you can become efficient in any application.

This is one of the best places to start any of your job-related projects.

You can easily launch and update your apps, easily share your work, download it and showcase it to the world.

Moreover, the program is straightforward and it is available whenever you need it. A good number of people are benefiting from Creative Cloud.

Some of these people using the Adobe package include:

• Power users – for people who need power provided by Adobe's master-collection, Creative Cloud is for you.

• Beginners – Adobe Cloud is an amazing option for new users. Apart from providing great tools, users will acquire experience by using the program.

• Temporary users – if a business has a project that ends in a few months, they can temporary subscribe to Adobe Cloud.

• Hobbyists & Professionals – if you normally use Adobe products for fun, you can subscribe to (ACC) to enjoy yourself as you learn more features. Also, professionals have a variety of design choices.

• Teachers and students – with specific plans for different people, teachers, and students benefit from educational discounts.

Why use Adobe Creative Cloud?


There are several reasons to subscribe to (ACC).

For example, if you are new to web design, photography and video editing, you will find plenty of tutorials.

With this application, you can start building your projects from scratch all the way up to a professional level.

Creative Cloud has amazing tools, illustrations, and icons to make your job much easier.

The subscription part of Adobe Cloud plans also include several online services.

Some of these services include synchronization and file storage, website hosting and a membership in the Behance-Pro network.

This is a special network where other creative professionals post their projects.

There are also discounts for teachers and students.

However, if you cancel your membership at any time, all these services will stop immediately.

One important factor to consider is that all members will continue to receive lifetime updates to all their software applications.

What are the benefits of using Creative Cloud?

If you are still not sure whether to start using the Adobe Cloud software or not, here are a few encouraging benefits of using the program.

1. The apps – first, accessing all Adobe applications is one great benefit.

But another great benefit is that if you are an (ACC) member, you get first priority to access new features before the rest of the world.


For instance, there have been remarkable features such as Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Muse and many more that members have enjoyed before being released to others.

This means in the future, members have the benefit of enjoying the newest apps in the market.

2. Storing files – if you have numerous projects Creative Cloud is the best place to store your work. If you are a member, you get 20 gigabytes of storage.

You can use the space to store things such as presets for Lightroom and Photoshop, Illustrator and Photoshop.

And the good news is that even when you log-in from a different device, you can still access your projects.

3. Get file information – with Creative Cloud, it is possible to upload your files from Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, and get all the information you need about each file.

If you want to know the color or the font used in a specific document, it is possible with (ACC).

Also, in the InDesign file, you can access pages within a multi-page file.

It is also possible to download swatches from one file to use it in another document, and also add comments to your file information.

4. Work with touch-apps – another amazing benefit of Adobe is that you can work on a document on one of your documents in Photoshop-touch, then add some layers and effect, and then save the document.


Photoshop Touch is synced with your Adobe Cloud software account so that when you save a document, it is uploaded to your account.

This means you can download that file and open it on a different device.

5. Sharing files – the other benefit is that you can share your files easily. For example, you can upload a file, and invite someone to view it.

The person can view the document; turn the layers on/off, while online, without owning Photoshop.

6. Compatible with Mac and PC – some years back, if you were to use Adobe programs, you were supposed to purchase a Windows versions or a Mac version.

But with Creative Cloud, you do not need to purchase two different software packages.

7. The Behance Pro account – if you are a Creative Cloud member, you get your own Behance Pro account.

This means as a designer, you can upload your work-in-progress or finished projects on your page.

This allows you to ask and receive instant feedback from one of the biggest communities on the globe.

8. Availability of Typekit – Adobe has acquired the online font-source, Typekit. This is a benefit to web-designers who are members of Adobe Cloud.

Even though Typekit works just like Google web-fonts, most professionals believe it has a higher value.

Also, Typekit allows you to download the fonts to your laptop.

This means you can create amazing designs to present to your clients before getting to the development section.


• The price of Adobe Creative Cloud is relatively affordable.


Before the introduction of (ACC) membership program, many designers would spend a lot of money on different packages.

But now you can choose one plan and get access to all applications.

• No need to pay for the upgrades. Instead of paying every year for each upgrade, if you have the all-apps-plan, you can always get the latest version.

For instance, if Adobe releases a new tool or feature, you will be able to access it automatically without changing your plan.

• You can access your account from any place. As long as you have a device that has internet connections, you have the power to access your account from anywhere.

It is also possible to select a device with local-downloads for your items to help you be more productive.

• There are licenses for schools and universities. If you run a school, there are per device-licenses available.

• The cost of a subscription is cheaper compared to buying many programs.

• Adobe Creative offers good budgeting for businesses. Your expense is locked and you do not have to be bothered if an upgrade comes out or not.


• Some plans are expensive compared to older licenses

• The consistency of pricing is not guaranteed

• Downloads are not transferable from one computer to another.

• Every app produced by Adobe is not upgraded at the same rate.

*You may save more by subscribing to only one software program instead of all of them.

Working with Adobe Creative Cloud


Whether you are a professional or a beginner, Adobe Creative Cloud is the best application. It is an all-in-one program that is ultimately for pros.

It ensures you stay up-to-date as a creative professional.

Also, it allows easy collaboration, quick feedback and it is likely to bring serious contenders in the design field.

And since, technology is an evolving field, Adobe Cloud is a perfect combination of technology and design.

The idea of temporary renting the program is a great initiative because members get all the regular updates.

Even if you finish your one-time project and fail to pay the monthly subscriptions, it is an application that can save you a lot of money in the long run.


Keep in mind that once you stop paying the monthly subscription fee, you lose access to your files and the applications.

A good idea is to save all your important project files into a flash drive or hard drive before your subscription runs out.

With the availability of great design tools, Creative Cloud is an excellent program to create anything you want.


From logos to ads, brochures, and posters among many more.

You can also combine your images to create outstanding artwork, or use mobile apps to draw and create anything that inspires you.

With Adobe Creative Cloud, it is possible to turn your ideas into the next hot trend.

With applications such as Typekit, Adobe Muse, and Dreamweaver, it is possible to create designs at a higher level.

So, whether you are a business or an educational institution, you do not need to buy expensive programs.

With an Adobe Cloud software subscription, you can use any application you need, anytime and at no extra expense.

If in doubt, subscribe for a few months and test each application to see if it fits your needs.

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