Impressionist Bird Painting - Corel Painter 5

Posted in Blog on December 18, 2016
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Impressionist Bird Painting

Corel Painter Essentials 5 makes it SUPER easy to create beautiful digital paintings. In this article I will show you how I designed this impressionist bird painting.

Tools of the Trade​

  • Corel Painter Essentials 5
  • Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet
  • A computer mouse

Photo Painting Menu

The first step is to open your image or photo through the PHOTO PAINTING MENU which is located on the right hand corner of the screen.

Take a look at the image above to see how the menu looks.

Choose a photo by clicking on the BROWSE BUTTON on the menu. Once the image is on your screen you need to figure out what type of drawing would like to create.

For this bird painting I used the preset style of IMPRESSIONIST PAINTING.

Once you have chose the preset style, click on the START TRIANGLE BUTTON on the bottom of the selector.

Now sit back, relax and let Corel Painter do all the work for you.

Painter Brushes Menu

Now your masterpiece has been created but you want to improve some details to make it unique.

For this particular painting I wanted to blur the background images and add more details to the bird.

Find the PHOTO PAINTING BRUSHES MENU on the left side of the screen indicated on the image above.

Corel Painter will automatically have the SOFT CLONER BRUSH highlighted on the menu.

Wet Sponges are Great

Go to the SPONGES tool and click on the GLAZING SPONGE tool to start adding more detail to the bird and the tree branch on the bottom.

Use your graphics tablet to add detail to the bottom branch and then use the computer for the finer details.

To adjust the size of the glazing sponge tool look on the top menu and look for the SIZE settings.

​Now that you're done adding the details it's time to blur out the background of the image so that the viewers will focus on the bird figure.

Return the PHOTO PAINTING BRUSHES MENU and find the BLENDER TOOL. Click on DIFUSSER 1 and adjust the size of the tool.

For this step I used my Wacom tablet to quickly blur out the background images.

Tips and Suggestions

If you're a newbie using a graphics tablet, I would use both the computer mouse and tablet for best results.

In my experience, I used the computer mouse for the finer details like adding details around the edge of the bird.

Continue to experiment with both the mouse and tablet to create your own unique drawing style.




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