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Posted in Drawing Tablets on November 15, 2018


Graphic design, drawing, and art of all kinds have always been big inspirations for me. They allow me to express myself emotionally and they let me put on paper what can’t easily be said.

Whether they are superhero fantasies or anything else, being able to create art of any kind is something that I have always loved to do. I was big into comics and superheroes when I was a little kid, something that seemingly has not changed a single bit.

Now I find myself many years later doing this kind of thing. Some people call me childish for creating cartoons and comics, but I call it being creative, having fun, and making an income too.

There’s also the fact that I love when people tell me that I did a good job with any piece of graphic design. It feels good.

What is not good is when I don’t have the proper tools to create what is in my mind. Yes, computers work OK and of course, the age of pen and paper is long gone.

That being said, the best way to go about modern graphic design is with a graphic design tablet. I started using these nifty design tools a few years ago and I have been completely hooked on them ever since.

Being able to create anything I want with ease and in a short amount of time has definitely furthered my artistic career and has helped improve my skills too.

However, finding the right graphic design tablet is no easy task. There are so many choices out there that it can make your head hurt. Yet, a couple of months back I found a tablet that I really like – the Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet.

I want to review the Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet, so you know exactly what it does, what it is all about, and whether or not it will make a good choice for you.


The Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet does come with quite a few features that I like quite a bit, so let me tell you all about them right now.

Make no mistake about it, this is not the most expensive or fanciest graphics drawing tablet out there, but for the low price it comes in at, I think it makes a good option for beginners and people of an intermediate skill level.

  • The work area of 4 x 2.23 inches
  • Great resolution of 4000 LPI
  • Has a decent report rate of 200 RPS
  • The pen has 2048 pressure levels
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC 10.8 or above
  • 1.5 meter long USB connection cord
  • Wireless pen with decent battery life – requires 1 AAA battery
  • The pen has 2 customizable buttons for quick action
  • Can be used by left and right-handed people
  • Small, compact, and lightweight


  • Easy to balance on your lap
  • Easy to store in a small space and carry around
  • Pretty good image resolution – LPI
  • Decent RPC – fairly smooth with a good flow
  • Quite accurate with line thickness – 2048 pen pressure levels
  • The pen has customizable keys for quick editing and actions
  • Long USB cord so you don’t have to be right next to the computer
  • Works with pretty much all operating systems
  • Can be used for PDF and Word alterations and editing
  • Decent work area


  • Pen battery needs replacement on occasion
  • Doesn’t work too well with Windows 7
  • Getting it installed and set up takes some effort


One of the first things that I need to say about the Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet is that it works really well with my Apple/Mac computer.

Now, I have heard that people using Microsoft Windows have had some issues in terms of setting it up and installing the software. However, I have had no such problems using my Mac. I guess as long as you have a Mac, you do not need to worry about software issues.

When it comes to the Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet itself, I do think that it is a fairly good model. Like I said before, it is not the most advanced or expensive model out there, but it definitely works for beginners who are just getting into graphic design.

This tablet works more than well enough for basic and even some moderate graphics designing. The fact that it is fairly inexpensive is also something I like.

Now, the Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet might not be the toughest or most durable of all graphic design tablets out there.

Yet, it is one of the smaller, lighter, and compact ones. I am totally fine having a slightly less rugged tablet if it means that I can easily hold it with one hand and put it in my backpack without worrying about space.

I also like how the tablet allows for some pretty smooth and fluid drawing, as it should. Making precise lines, curves, and everything in between is pretty easy with this thing.

The Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet is fairly accurate, especially with line thickness. Creating thicker and thinner lines is really easy with this tablet thanks to the high amount of pressure levels which the pen comes with.

At any rate, this particular tablet might not be ideal for the most advanced of graphic design purposes, but more than good enough for some basic work, no doubt.

When it comes to the pen, while I do not like how it requires a battery to use, I do like the rest of it. The fact that the pen has 2 customizable keys that you can choose the function for is something that I really like.

There may only be two buttons but having one for erasing and the other for undoing has come in quite handy for me.

While these are only my personal opinions, I think that the Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Tablet makes for a good tablet for people who are getting into graphic design.

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