Huion Drawing Gloves: Made for Perfection

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If you have just purchased a drawing tablet, you may also need a tablet drawing glove. The glove will ensure your hand does not stick to the tablet surface, so you are comfortable when drawing.

The Huion artist glove is probably one of the best tablet drawing gloves for digital artists. The glove is essential for keeping your drawing area clean and it prevents scratches.

Even though the artist glove might look similar to the traditional glove, the Huion artist glove is exceptional. It only holds two fingers and allows the remaining 3 fingers to be free so you can hold the pen properly.

It feels like a second skin

The Huion artist glove is a high-quality artist glove designed for tablet monitors and graphics tablets. Its main aim is to reduce friction between the tablet surface and your hand.

It is an artist glove that can be worn on the left hand and the right hand. The design of the glove puts in various drawing considerations to lessen issues faced by digital artists on daily basis.

Common problems alleviated by the glove include cleaning a dirty drawing surface and provides the support needed for a tired hand. The glove has been tested by numerous professional artists.

Apart from its high quality, the Huion artist glove is also a good looking professional glove. The soft and comfortable material used not only functions as a skin, but it eliminates dirt and moisture problems.

If you are a digital artist, you need the Huion artist glove to make your work easier. Huion artist glove is designed with only two fingers, and it is made from the soft and comfortable material.

The main benefit of using this glove is to reduce friction between the hand and the tablet. You can use the artist glove on both hands, and it is a free-size.

Who should use Huion Artist Gloves and for what purposes

There are several reasons why you should consider using the Huion artist glove. For instance, when drawing on a tablet, you need your image to remain intact.

The Huion artist glove provides comfort and ensures your tablet remains clean. It is flexible and lightweight as well.

Huion artist glove works effortlessly to separate the side of the hand from the glass. It provides a relaxed and natural drawing experience to artists when drawing on tablets.

Initially, an artist needs to hold his hand in a tense position when drawing on the touchscreen. Though the glove may seem small, it fits well on average hands. It is not loose and suitable for any digital artist.

It is made to fit both hands. Also, it fully covers the little finger, the finger next to the little finger and the wrist.

This leaves the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger fully exposed. These are the main fingers artists use to hold the drawing pen or pencil.

The digital artist glove provides freedom to rest your drawing hand on the touchscreen as much as you want. This is so beneficial when making gentle interactions with your graphics tablet.

Apart from ensuring the screen surface is clean and smudge-free, the glove also reduces unwanted artwork such as pencil sketching and keeping the hand covered.

How the Huion Artist glove helps the user (Artist)

First, it gives your drawing hand the support needed for the performance. Huion artist glove is designed of high-quality compression material. The fabric can stretch well to give your hand the support you need when drawing.

Since you have spent your well-earned money on a drawing tablet, it's important to take care of that investment. The Huion artist glove is made of high-quality microfiber so that the artist can rest the hand naturally on the drawing surface.

It is designed to boost hand movement and be able to clean it without creating any scratches.
Professional artists, look for appealing and stylish glove designs.

And for the Huion artist glove, it is made to fit, move and offer the support needed to achieve your drawing goals. The glove covers the two fingers and the palm to ensure that once they rest on the drawing surface, no damage is done.

It reduces oil and moisture contact to the drawing tablet. It also allows your hand to move naturally and hand-balancing when drawing.


• Designed to keep the tablet surface and your hand clean while drawing.

• Made from soft, Lycra and comfortable material to ensure no sweat, moisture or oil on your tablet monitor.

• Many digital artists have the problem of friction. With Huion artist glove, the issue is solved. The glove eliminates friction between the hand and the drawing surface.

• The material the glove is made from ensures the hand can slide easily and smoothly on the tablet surface.

• The problem of the hand sticking to the tablet surface is eliminated.

• Minimizes hand stains that can clear off your creativity.

• It is a great product for school, home, and professional tasks.

• You can use Huion artist glove on both hands, and appropriate for both male and female.

• Huion artist glove is flexible, washable, lightweight, comfortable, easy to wear, durable, breathable, and available in black.


• Even though Huion artist glove is a free size package, it is only perfect for artists with average hands. If you hand or fingers are small or big, you may find the glove uncomfortable.


If you are a digital artist, Huion artist glove is an essential item you need for your drawing tasks. If you have never used the glove for tablet screen drawing, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

In addition, when you put the Huion artist glove on, you feel like a professional artist. It gives you the courage, confidence and the psychological power to draw.


The Huion artist glove is made out of smooth, stretchy and Lycra material allowing the artist to draw comfortably.

Using a glove prevents the user from making unwanted mistakes on his or her drawing. Since the glove does not stick to the surface, you can easily slide your hands to any position.

If the surface of your drawing tablet is sensitive to touch, without using drawing gloves, you may find it difficult to draw without moving or erasing parts of your drawing.

Today, serious artists prefer using gloves not only to become more efficient while drawing with their tablets but look and feel more professional.

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