How to Draw Cartoon Robots - Squared Style

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 13, 2018


In this article, I will show you how to draw cartoon robots step by step. The main shape of this robot is a square.

The two main squares, which are the body and head of the robot, have rounded edges.

You can draw them both as straight squares if you like.

How to Draw a Cartoon Robot

Step 1

Start by drawing the head of the robot towards the top of the paper.

Center the square so it's in the middle of the drawing.

Step 2

Now draw the body of the robot with a larger square.

Remember that you can make the edges round like you see in the image.

Center the square in the middle below the smaller square.

Step 3

Draw the cartoon robot's eyes and mouth.

Keep them in the center of the head.

Draw the lines inside the robot's mouth to create his teeth.

Step 4

Let's add more details to our robot like the eyebrows, eyes and ears.

The eyebrows and ears can be both in a rectangular shape.

Step 5

Draw the robot's neck to attach the body. Draw two rectangular shapes for the feet.

The robot's arms should be long with small hands at the bottom.

Step 6

Complete your drawing by adding your favorite colors.

You can color your new cartoon robot purple or blue, it's up to you.

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