Top Tips on How to Start a Business on Etsy

Posted in Blog on February 7, 2019

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Selling handcrafted items on Etsy can be your side hustle or a full-time business.

However, for you to become successful, you need to understand how it starts even before you open your shop at the site.

Etsy is a known, respected, and a popular platform.

It is a site that has helped artists become creative and share their vintage or handmade goods to people all over the world.

Etsy has enabled crafters to pursue their dreams and earn from their passion.

If you would like to start a business on Etsy, here are ten critical steps to follow.

Steps on how to start a business on Etsy

1. Research and be Genuine

Before you start any business, it is essential to do a bit of research.

You need to determine whether your business will be profitable or not.

Also, research how similar sellers sell their products and how you can enhance your own products.

Focus on your brand and how you can improve your design for your items to stand out from millions of others.

Then research on how you can attract customers to purchase your products.

Can you enhance the quality of the materials, mix the colors, or customization.

2. Choose your shop name

Picking a unique and lovely name is an important step when planning to start a business on Etsy.

However, do not let the perfect name delay your process.

Even though a good name is necessary, it should not hinder you.

The products you sell have more weight than your shop name.

Besides, you can quickly change your name from time to time.

Also, avoid using restraining names because you may decide to branch out and offer more items.

3. Create a good working environment

Most people who sell things on Etsy work at home.

And for you to provide quality stuff, you need to have a good working environment.

Ensure you separate your working area with your living space.

With a good room solely dedicated for business, you will be able to craft high-quality goods and earn good money on Etsy.

4. Start selling multiple items

Most people who become successful on Etsy sell more than twenty products.

Therefore, if you want to make it on Etsy, offer your customers variety.

Most new sellers offer very few items to test the business.

But the truth is that people with few items are not viewed as genuine crafters.

Hence, provide many products that vary in size, colors, purposes, and, textures.

For example, if you are planning to sell embroidered clothing, it is easy to move to other items.

There are so many ideas that involve embroidered items.

5. Pricing is significant

Most new sellers fail when it comes to pricing their products.

If you want your shop at Etsy to succeed, price your items correctly.

However, you should consider the time and effort used and the cost of the materials.

Then check on sellers selling similar items.

The price of your things should not be too high or too low.

If you feel you can outperform your competitor by selling cheaper items, do not compromise on quality.

6. Upload quality pictures

The only way to attract more customers to your Etsy shop is having quality images.

Keep in mind that pictures speak more than words on Etsy.

When it comes to online selling, pictures speak a thousand words. But do not ignore description.

The way you describe your items will pay a significant role in how you sell on Etsy.

When taking pictures of the items, ensure you include different picture angles.

This will give an accurate picture of the products you are selling.

7. Provide Customized items

Most buyers at Etsy look for gifts and unique things they cannot get anywhere else.

Therefore, if you want to get more orders, provide customized products.

Happily, Etsy allows sellers to add “Request a Custom-Order” button on their respective shops.

This can help you get more orders from your customers.

In addition, allowing your customers to select their designs, colors, and materials is an excellent strategy to improve your sales and have loyal customers.

8. Have a good customer service

Whether you are opening an Etsy shop as a side business or a full-time profession, you should treat your customers with respect.

Be fast, polite, and offer suggestions when answering your customers’ questions.

And with time, your customer base will grow, and you will start earning more on Etsy.

9. Remember Networking is the Key on Etsy

Most veteran sellers at Etsy give credit for their success to networking.

Although you might not need to do it during the first few months, it is wise to consider networking in the future.

Start by joining an Etsy team so that you can network with other sellers.

While working at your garage, it means you do not have workmates to talk to during your free time.

But when you join a team, you can share ideas, ask questions, and contribute to help each other.

You may also benefit from the veteran sellers who may give useful tips about the site.

Successful sellers are also active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

When you promote your items on social media pages, you reach a wider audience and gain more orders.

For instance, Pinterest is easy to use, and Instagram and Facebook can you update your customers with your latest creations, discounts, or seasonal sales.

10. Use the right keywords

People shop on Etsy with specific keywords in mind.

Hence, if you do not use the right keywords, your items will not be noticed.

When choosing keywords, it is wise to think like a customer.

Use words and phrases that most buyers can use when selecting items.


Etsy is a popular site that gives crafters an opportunity to share their creativity.

However, there are many people selling items on the site.

For you to become successful on Etsy, offer a wide selection of products, have images that appeal to everyone, and boost multiple purchases.

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