How to Make Money on Etsy (7 Ways)

Posted in Blog on December 10, 2019

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If you are questioning whether you can make money with your creative passion, you need to think of Etsy.

Etsy is a well-known e-commerce site that deals with handmade and vintage items.

At Etsy, you can sell items such as photographs, art, beauty products, jewelry, toys, and many others.

We know the site for turning ideas and creativity into businesses.

Hence, if you feel you have something unique to offer the world, Etsy is the best place to consider.

There are millions of buyers at Etsy. This means you have good chances of making money on the site.

However, your creativity and passion are not enough for you to make money on Etsy.

Keep in mind there are millions of sellers on the platform.

Some are veteran sellers while others are starters.

Hence, you need to understand how to attract more buyers and make solid connections.

How to Make Money on Etsy

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Making money at Etsy is a simple process for an artist.

One advantage of the site is that people cannot resell handmade items.

Unlike other e-commerce sites where you can resell other people's items, Etsy is unique.

If they do not involve you in designing or making an object, you cannot sell it at Etsy.

This is so beneficial because most buyers love to purchase original items and also promote genuine artists.

This makes sense because most people that purchase on Etsy buy products for their families.

7 Ways new members can make money on Etsy

If you are a new member, you may feel discouraged since there are many veteran sellers at Etsy.

Fortunately, there are some tips you can use to outshine other sellers, particularly veteran members and start making money right away in Etsy.

Below are some important tips on how you can start making money on Etsy.

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1. Treat your Etsy shop as a business–most new members at Etsy post items at the site without a business plan.

If you want to earn right away, do not treat your Etsy business as a hobby.

Otherwise, you will earn hobby money.

2. Focus on photography–since buyers cannot touch or handle your items, focus on photography.

Ensure they detail the pictures, bright, clean and from several angles.

A buyer should feel like they have touched your item after looking at the images from different angles.

3. Understand your item–when pricing an item on Etsy, there are many things you need to consider.

Hence, knowing your piece is essential.

Know the costs required to make the item, the time you spent, and the cost of shipping.

With that knowledge, you can quickly price your item.

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4. Build your product–remember there are millions of sellers at Etsy.

Hence, standing out to be noticed is the key to success.

Also, you can build your brand so that people recognize you and buy your products.

Research how to create a strong brand.

5. Know the market–another important factor to consider that will help you make money right away on Etsy is to know your target market.

Do you plan to target men or women, young or elderly, employed or unemployed?

These are some questions you need to ask yourself to understand your target market.

6. SEO is a must–getting your Etsy shop or Etsy items ranked well on Google is hard.

However, by placing correct keywords, you can quickly move up in Google rankings.

Use keywords that buyers are interested in and use them with your products.

7. Social media marketing - if you want to make money right away on Etsy, you need to be active on social media sites.

Marketing your Etsy shop on Twitter and Facebook can help to increase your visibility and also grow your customer base.

You can also build relations with your customers.

Hence, once you open your Etsy shop, ensure you connect it with Facebook and Twitter.

What are the strategies Veteran Members use to make money on Etsy?

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Etsy has become successful because many buyers shop at the site.

Therefore, many people make good money by selling their pieces on Etsy.

However, they do not just follow the crowd or do what other sellers do.

They struggle to be noticed and use several strategies to attract buyers.

Hence, for you to earn on Etsy, you need to be creative, active and unique.

Below are some strategies veteran members use to make money on Etsy.

1. Being unique–Veteran members understand the benefit of being unique.

Remember that buyers buy on Etsy because of all the special items.

Other commercial sites offer products you can find anywhere.

For instance, you can offer something special, have unique photos or pack your items differently to attract many sellers.

2. Adding tags–when listing, experienced members at Etsy ensure they do not skip the tagging section.

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They add several tags when describing their items to help buyers find these pieces.

Keep in mind that you need to drive traffic to your sales page and adding tags can help with this process.

3. Being creative–experienced artists are very creative.

From designing a product to branding their items, creativity is a must at Etsy.

Since Etsy comprises mostly artists, you need to go out of your way when listing your items.

This helps to make the buyers feel motivated and invited to your shop.

4. Being realistic about the prices–before pricing items, old members always check similar items to understand the price range.

Remember, you are competing with many sellers selling similar items.

Also, if your pieces are selling too high or too low, potential buyers ignore you.

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5. Quick reply to questions–veteran members understand the benefits of responding to customer questions quickly.

When a buyer opens up a conversation concerning your items, react as fast as possible.

Most people visit Etsy for gifts, and they need a timely response.

Final Word

With the above selling guide, you can easily make money on Etsy even if you are a new member.

Though there are pros and cons concerning Etsy, one advantage of the site is that the platform has traffic.

Opening an Etsy shop is not a hard task, by following our recommendations, you will be ahead of the game.

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