How to Make Money on DeviantArt - Art Business

Posted in Blog on December 3, 2020

How to Make Money on DeviantArt - Art Business Guide

Many artists want to know how to make money on the DeviantArt website.

The website is a popular platform for artists.

It is a place where you can promote, exhibit, and even share your work to everyone who loves art.

It is also a place for artists to share and learn more about art skills from other members.

For someone searching for an excellent site to promote his or her artwork and make money, DeviantART is the best place.

Whether you are a professional artist or an emerging artist, the site can help a lot.

Get Noticed in DeviantArt

Get Noticed in DeviantArt

DeviantART is a site that has been around for over ten years.

It has excellent features and resources to help people sell and promote their artworks.

However, for people to succeed within the site, there are some things they need to know.

And with over 40 million members uploading their work on the site, you need to learn how the platform works.

There are different ways to make money on DeviantART that include selling prints, upgrading to the pro-status and posting jobs on the forum among many others.

Here are different ideas on how to market your artwork on DeviantArt.

How to make money on DeviantArt for Free

If you have any art or you are an artist, and you would like to make money from home, DeviantART is the right place for you.

You can sign up for free, start uploading your artwork, and begin selling immediately.

Here are the steps to follow when selling prints on DeviantART.

• Upload your prints–prepare your files or photographs, then upload them to your account.

Always ensure you offer your customers high-quality presentations.

• Sell your prints–selling items on DeviantArt is easy once you upload them on the site.

But for you to get clients, you need to market yourself.

You can use various platforms to promote your pieces.

But for you to make good money on the platform, you need to be very active.

Here are some tips on how to make money on Deviantart with a free account.

Tips on how to sell prints on DeviantArt

Tips on how to sell prints on DeviantArt

*Choosing the right category–there are different categories at DeviantArt that include illustration, traditional art, photography, journals, fan art, and many others.

Since the site is not yours where you cannot brand or advertise it, you need to ensure your artwork is tailored to the categories provided.

This is because people will search for the art based on those categories.

Hence, target your audience based on your artwork.

* Consistency - If you want to make money by selling your prints on DeviantArt, you need to have consistency.

Being active will help you attract more people or probably get hired to do a specific project.

*Provide quality pictures–online stores are not like the traditional stores.

You need to provide quality pictures for people to like your pieces.

Keep in mind that the way you present your pieces determines how many people will buy them.

DA is a place for artists.

Therefore, to make money, you need to bring people to your shop.

If no one is coming to your store, you're only using it to store your art.

Hence, promote and advertise your art on various platforms such as social media sites, forums and many others.

You can also upgrade your status to pro status.

How to Make Money on a DeviantArt Pro Status Account

How to Make Money on Deviantart Pro Status Account

We consider DA one of the best platforms to help artists sell their artwork.

The site provides an excellent shopping service for artists to sell DeviantArt digital art, canvas, art gifts, or photos.

They can purchase items with DA points or with currency.

Hence, after a sale, you are given a chance to receive cash or points.

Although you can sell art on DeviantArt for free, you can upgrade your status later.

They include many benefits once you upgrade the membership.

Some benefits include:

  • You get priority support. Unlike being a free member, you receive faster help from customer care.
  • Ability to upload videos and also submit multiple deviations at once.
  • Gain traffic and audience insights on your profile.
  • Maximize your print profits by having your own sale price.
  • You can create a new username after every 6 months.
  • View your visitors. With the upgraded status, you can view deviants who visit your page.

Sell More DeviantArt Digital Art with Pro Status

Sell More DeviantArt Digital Art with Pro Status

With all the above benefits, you will make more money by becoming a core member.

With a premium status, you can make good money from digital stock downloads.

You can sell files, tutorials, stock art, temperate, brushes, icons, line art and much more.

Also, you can edit your deviations to attract more customers, set your price for your artwork, and generate a profit.

You can withdraw the profits or make purchases on DeviantArt.

After building your reputation, you can start earning commissions by creating custom art for your clients.

You can sell multiple copies or be contracted by DA users to work on various projects.

Make Money on DeviantArt with Product Reviews

Once you become a member, you will own a tiny digital space on the web.

This is a great opportunity to help other artists by writing product reviews.

Your product reviews can be about anything you have knowledge of or have used.

For example, you are good with Mars graphite pencils, so you talk about your experience with them.

Your product reviews will rank in the search engines and people will find them.

Now add a link on your product review that will take visitors to a website you own.

Add more information about the product and add affiliate links to your post.

When visitors read and click on affiliate links, you earn a small commission.

A Huge Marketplace for Artists

A Huge Marketplace for Artists

There are over 40 million members at DeviantArt.

Also, there are over 300 million subscribers.

Artists promote themselves by advertising more, socializing at the forums, and running contests.

Happily, the site is very user-friendly and easy to get started for beginners.

However, to make money on DeviantArt, you need to be active.

Besides using DA, other online promotion sources can be helpful.

Start by telling your family members and friends about your prints via emails and instant messages.

Bottom Line

There are also many opportunities you can use to promote your photographs.

Promotional ideas include customizing your profile, offering promotions and discounts, using social networks, and being in an art group within DA.

If you are active, flexible and have good products, you can make a good monthly income.

Deviantart is an excellent platform for artists.

You can gain popularity, make money, and build a career.

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