How to Draw Super NES Controller Cartoon (4 Steps)

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on October 23, 2019

How to Draw Super NES Controller carton_feature_image-min

Drawing the Super NES controller is done in four easy steps.

We will draw the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) controller first.

Then we will add a cartoon face to animate our drawing.

Step 1–Draw the Super NES controller outer frame.

Super NES Controller Cartoon Step1

Begin drawing the straight lines first, on the top and bottom.

Then, sketch the curved sides by turning the drawing paper around as you draw each line.

If you like, use a ruler to make the straight lines. However, practice drawing the curves naturally.

Step 2 – Draw the Super NES controller buttons.

Super NES Controller Cartoon Step2

Start on the left side with the cross pad. Make the lines as straight as possible.

Now, draw the middle buttons in the center of the joystick.

On the right, draw four buttons equally aligned with each other.

If you want to cheat, use a ruler or book to make lines straighter.

Step 3–Draw the Super NES controller cartoon.

Super NES Controller Cartoon Step3

Let's add a cartoon face to our controller. Draw two big eyes for maximum effect.

Draw the mouth right on the bottom in between center buttons.

On the top, draw a short USB cord that connects to the gaming system.

Step 4–Add Color to the Nintendo controller cartoon

Super NES Controller Cartoon Step4

Erase all unwanted sketch marks and add your favorite colors.

Try adding blue eyes to the cartoon face; Color the cross pad another color.

Change the four round buttons into heart shapes.

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