How to Draw Pac Man Cartoons (Using Circles)

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on February 19, 2020

Pac Man Cartoon Feature Image

Let's go back to the 80s and draw Pac Man cartoons.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw Pac Man chasing a ghost step by step.

When drawing Pac Man's body, think of it as a large peperoni pizza.

When you take a slice, it creates the mouth.

How to Draw Pac Man Cartoons

Step 1

Draw a big circle to the left of your paper.

Draw it round just like a pizza.

Step 1 Draw a Circle to the left.

Step 2

Draw Pac Man's mouth by using a triangle shape.

Try to center the mouth in the middle.

Now grab a slice of the pizza, yummy!

Step 2 Draw a slice for the mouth.

Step 3

Draw Pac Man's eyes on top of the mouth.

Draw one large circle, then a smaller one.

Step 3 Draw the Eyes

Step 4

Now sketch the ghost's head using a circle.

Draw the circle to the right-hand side of your paper.

Step 4 Draw a Circle to the right.

Step 5

Draw the rest of the ghost's body using a rounded square.

At the bottom of the square, draw two even triangles.

Step 5 Sketch the body of the Ghost.

Step 6

Continue adding the ghost's eyes by drawing a large and small circle.

Once you finished with your ghost, draw two circles between Pac Man and the ghost.

Finish drawing Pac Man Cartoons as you see in the image.

Step 7

Finish your drawing by erasing any unwanted lines and start adding color.

Be creative and add different colors to Pac Man and the ghost.

Draw Pac Man Cartoons

Fun Pac Man Facts

In 1979, a Japanese man named Iwatani wanted to create a video game for both men and women.

He wanted the game to differ from sports or war games in those times.

So he designed the Pac Man character based on a big hungry pizza eating colorful dots.

The idea seemed crazy, but he wanted a fun game character for children to play.

At first, the developers called it Puckman, because it had a shape of a hockey puck.

Later they renamed it as Pac Man and became popular worldwide.

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