How to Draw Cartoon Snails - An Easy Guide

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This cartoon snail uses two main shapes, a triangle and a circle.

A triangle is used to shape the snail's body. The circle will become the snail's shell.

How to Draw Cartoon Snails

Step 1

Draw an upside-down triangle as you see in the picture.

Try centering the triangle in the middle so that your snail cartoon fits in the paper.

cartoon snail step 1

Step 2

Draw a circle to the left of the triangle.

Keep the circle low so it touches the bottom of the triangle.

cartoon snail step 2

Step 3

Now we will draw the cartoon snail's shell inside the circle.

Follow the circle's path to draw the shell. The snail's shell looks similar to a football helmet.

cartoon snail step 3

Step 4

Draw the snail cartoon's body with the triangle template.

You can make the snail's head rounder if you like.

The snail's head should be higher than the triangle's height.

cartoon snail step 4

Step 5

Draw the cartoon snail's mouth first. Draw the mouth wide and happy.

Draw the two antennas on top of the snail's head.

On top of each antenna, draw the snail's eyes as you see in the image.

cartoon snail step 5

Step 6

Draw the final details to complete the snail cartoon.

Draw the eyes and the shell's details to complete the drawing.

You can use circles for the shell or draw a lollipop circle shape starting from the center of the shell.

cartoon snail step 6

Step 7

Complete your drawing by adding your favorite colors.

Green and brown colors are great for cartoon snails.

cartoon snail step 7

We reviewed a list of drawing sets for you below.

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