How to Draw an Orange Cartoon Shark

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on January 8, 2020

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Today's classroom assignment is to draw an orange cartoon shark. 

Cartoon sharks come in different colors and flavors. 

But this shark is special, we will design it with a heart shape. 

The rest of the shark's body looks similar to a real shark.

How to Draw an Orange Cartoon Shark

Step 1

Step 1 Draw a Heart Shape-min

Draw a medium size heart shape near the top part of your paper.

Leave some space on top for the dorsal fin.

Step 2

Step 2 Draw the Sharks Body-min

Draw the bottom of the shark using the heart shape template. 

Make the orange cartoon shark's body curvy like in the picture.

Step 3

Step 3 Draw Shark Fins-min

Sketch the shark's dorsal, side and tail fins. If you look closely, the side fins are pointing up.

Step 4

Step 4 Draw the orange cartoon Sharks Face-min

Finish drawing the shark's face by adding the eyes and mouth.

Draw sharp pointy teeth so it looks real.

Step 5

Orange Cartoon Shark

Color your orange cartoon shark like you see in the image.

Add some special effects in the background like bubbles and squid.

Fun Shark Facts

Blue Sharks are really blue

The blue sharks are some beautiful shark species you will ever see. 

This is because they are actually blue; and since most sharks are olive, grayish or olive, the blue sharks are unique shark species. 

Apart from the beautiful blue color, they are long, have pointy fins, and can swim quickly. 

The main threat of the blue shark are humans.

This is because they are caught for meat and skin used to make leather products.

Blue sharks love to swim in the open ocean instead of going to shallow basins. 

This means they can only survive well in the marine environment. 

Hence, if you would like to see blue sharks, you can easily find them in oceans and seas all over the world. 

Also, blue sharks love to swim in packs; It is uncommon to find a blue shark swimming alone. 

The most interesting thing is that the members of the group belong to the same sex.

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