How to Draw a Yellow Cartoon Snowman

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 10, 2019

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Drawing a yellow cartoon snowman with a beanie is simple.

Practice drawing perfect circles when drawing a snowman.

We will use two circles to draw the entire snowman.

The circle shapes can help you measure each line.

How to Draw a Yellow Cartoon Snowman

Step 1

Lesson 1 Draw the body.

Draw two circles in the center of your paper like the ones on the picture.

The top circle is slightly smaller than the bottom circle.

Step 2

Lesson 2 Draw the arms.

Draw the yellow cartoon snowman's beanie around the top circle.

Add the fuzzy ball on top of the head.

Now, sketch both arms as you see in the image.

Step 3

Lesson 3 Draw the face of the Yellow cartoon snowman.

Now we can add the yellow cartoon snowman's face.

Add a black circle for the nose, the eyes and mouth.

Add a big star in the bottom large circle, this will replace the three round buttons.

Step 4

Yellow cartoon snowman.

Finish adding details and additional lines to your yellow cartoon snowman.

Add the yellow color and other winter objects in the background.

Try adding a winter tree and other things like acorns.

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Fun Snowman Facts

The Smallest Snowman

Another interesting fact about snowmen is that someone created the smallest snowman ever.

According to the snowmen records, the world’s smallest snowman was built in 2009 and it was only 0.01mm.

Todd Simpson from Canada built this tiny snowman.

Even though it is among the most beautiful snowmen ever mounted, it was too small.

They designed it using various tools for manipulating nanoparticles.

However, it is believed that it was too hard to build such a small sculpture.

The cool thing about snowmen is that you can build them as big as you want.

Some people have created snowmen tall as trees.

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