How to Draw a Yellow Cartoon Bird with Hearts

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on January 17, 2020

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This yellow cartoon bird has a shape of a cylinder.

Today we will get familiar with the popular cylinder shape.

The cylinder shape is very popular for drawing cartoon character bodies.

For example, you can draw the body of a dog with a cylinder.

For this exercise, we will use a short cylinder shape for the bird's body.

yellow cartoon bird_youtubevideo_noindex_image-min

How to Draw a Yellow Cartoon Bird with Heart Shapes

Lesson 1

Step 1 Draw a Cylinder Shape-min

Begin by drawing a medium size cylinder shape in the center of your paper.

Leave space on top of the cylinder shape for the bird's crest.

Lesson 2

Step 2 Draw Bird Wings and Crest-min

Sketch the yellow cartoon bird's wings on each side.

On top of the cylinder, draw the bird's crest.

Lesson 3

Step 3 Draw a Bird Face-min

Draw the cartoon bird's face as you see in the image.

The bird has cheeks made of heart shapes.

Sketch the bird's beak using a triangular shape.

Lesson 4

Yellow Cartoon Bird_image-min

Finish painting your yellow cartoon bird with the colors in the picture.

Add some cool effects in the background like clouds and stars.

Fun Bird Facts

Ravens are good at imitating human speech and sounds

Most people are not aware that ravens are amazing for mimicking human sounds and speech. 

They can turn to be very talkative than most birds. 

Although most people think parrots are the best at imitating human sound and speech, ravens excel.

Apart from mimicking human speech and sounds, they can easily imitate toilet flushing, car engines, and other sounds. 

They can also mimic other wild animals such as wolves, wild dogs, and foxes.

A raven is among the smartest animals; Just like dolphins and chimpanzees, a raven is very smart. 

Even though there are great birds, most Europeans see them as evil in disguise. 

For instance, in Germany, they see Ravens as damned souls or Satan.

However, ravens are very playful, they can build toys like wooden sticks and slide in the snow.

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