How to Draw a Round Cartoon Shark with Mermaids

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on January 10, 2020

Tiburón redondo de dibujos animados

To draw a round cartoon shark you will need to practice drawing circles. 

However , if you want to cheat, use a pencil compass to make accurate circles.

I enjoy drawing circles because most drawings use circles as a template.

Also, people will be impressed by how well you draw circles and shapes.

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How to Draw a Round Cartoon Shark

Step 1

Lesson 1 Draw a Large Circle-min

Sketch a large circle on the bottom center of the page; Leave room on top for the dorsal fin.

Step 2

Lesson 2 Draw All Fins-min

Draw three fins, one on top of the circle, and two to the left; Learn to measure each side to get exact results.

Step 3

Lesson 3 Draw the Eyes and Mouth-min

Begin drawing the eyes, nose, mouth and gills of the round cartoon shark. 

When drawing the mouth, leave room for the teeth and shark's tongue.

Step 4

Round Cartoon Shark

Add color to your drawing to bring it to life. 

For fun, sketch a mermaid in the background as you see in the picture.

Fun Shark Facts

A shark can have 1 to 100 Pups (babies)

Even though millions of sharks are killed every year, sharks can have from one to a hundred babies at a time. 

However, it all depends on the species; We know shark babies as pups. 

And since there are different species of sharks, there are different ways that a shark comes into this world. 

Some sharks lay eggs, others have eggs that hatch inside the mother and some pups grow inside the mother as humans.

Sharks that lay eggs have more pups than those that give birth. 

Interestingly, the mother does not nurse the babies; Hence, they need to leave immediately. 

In fact, some sharks eat their babies if they do not leave. 

Therefore, the pups need to hunt and travel without protecting their mothers.

Happily, most of them are born in a well-developed state to survive in the sea or ocean.

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