How to Draw a Red Cartoon Shark with Seahorses

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 12, 2019

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To draw this red cartoon shark, we will use an oval shape.

Oval shapes are great for designing cartoon fish.

You can draw a circle, but you will have to reduce the top and bottom size. 

Each shark fin is unique and they look different in other drawings.

How to Draw a Red Cartoon Shark

Step 1

Step 1 Red_Cartoon_Shark

Draw a big oval shape in the center of your paper.

Leave enough space to draw the three fins around the shark.

Step 2

Step 2 Red_Cartoon_Shark

Sketch the cartoon shark's tail and top fin using the oval shape as your guide.

Notice that the bottom fin is half-way sticking out the body.

Step 3

Step 3 Red_Cartoon_Shark

Draw the shark's mouth through the center of the body reaching across the bottom fin.

Sketch the sharp teeth and eyes as you see in the picture.

Step 4

Step 4 Red Cartoon Shark

Start coloring your red cartoon shark any color you like.

Sketch seahorses in the background so it won't look lonely.

How to Draw a Red Cartoon Shark_coloring page

Fun Shark Facts

There are hundreds of shark species

Most people do not know that they are hundreds of shark species. 

There are lots of sharks out in the sea, and each one has different sizes and shapes.

Also, different species have their own reproduction method. They are egg-laying species and live-bearing species.

Some of the best-known species include the Whale shark which is the largest fish in the world, the Tiger Shark which has a reputation of eating many animals, the ragged-tooth shark that is very peaceful, and the nurse shark that you can find skating along the ocean. 

Other species include the bull shark that is very aggressive towards people, the white shark is guilty of attacking people who swim or surf, the blue shark that drifts and gives birth to many pups at a time, and the Mako shark is like white sharks.

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